Becoming An Optimist: 3 Steps to Turn Into a ‘Glass is Half Full’ Person

Jennifer Joy Butler

By Jennifer Joy Butler | Nov 14th, 2018

There are those of us who tend to be hopeful and look for the best in life and others of us who tend to see and expect the worst. I’m sure you have been asked at least once in your life if you are a “glass is half full or half empty” kind of person. In general, we each have our own individual way of understanding what we see in front of us, and that perception is actually what creates the reality in which we exist. When going through challenging situations, remaining optimistic can be difficult, making the pessimistic view on life a place we may default to. We may begin talking about how terrible everything is, how stuck we feel in the situation, and how there is no possibilities or hope for the future. As we see and speak about our lives in this way, we can’t help but notice just how right we are. After all, when viewing life through pessimistic eyes, it is likely we will only see the shadow side and fixate on everything that is wrong.

Since our outlook on life is essential to the reality we create, it is especially important for us to remain optimistic when we are going through difficult times. This can seem like a complete contradiction and an almost impossible task, but it truly is necessary and it is possible. If you are a glass is half empty person, or are simply going through a tough time and are having trouble seeing the glass as half full, there are actions you can take to shift into optimism and begin seeing a world full of hope, light, and possibility.

1. Raise your vibration

When we are seeing and believing the worst of the world around us, it is likely that our vibration is low. When our vibration is low, we begin to attract and see things around us that are also vibrating low. One of our innate superpowers is the ability to make choices and take actions that direct the way we feel. As we feel better, our vibration raises, as does the vibration of the world we see around us. Listening to music that makes you smile, having a good belly laugh, taking a walk in the sunshine, or giving a hug to a friend. Making conscious choices to do the things that cause you to feel good will positively affect you in the moment, and making a practice of them will allow you to shift into an overall optimistic point of view.

2. Consciously focus your attention

It is said that energy flows where attention goes, which means that we will create more of whatever we are choosing to attend to. When we expect the worst, we see the worst and confirm that our pessimistic outlook must, therefore, be justified and correct. Making the choice to consciously focus on something beautiful and good in your life will begin to help you shift. Maybe this means starting simple with the fact that you are alive and breathing or that you are choosing to read these uplifting words on this screen in front of you. Start somewhere and then begin creating a list of all the success and possibility in your life. The connection of a close relationship, the many things you have accomplished, or how far you have come in your life. The fact is, we choose where we are focused and we then create more of whatever it is we are choosing to stay focused upon.

“When we really start to feel into gratitude, we begin to see that there are literally endless possibilities for appreciation in our lives.”

3. Cultivate a state of gratitude

I read somewhere that when we are in a state of gratitude, we have no choice but to feel an uplift in spirit and an expansion in our hearts. Which brings me back to our amazing superpower of being able to make choices and take actions that direct the way we feel. Taking the time each and every day to acknowledge and honor all that you are grateful for will immediately make you feel a sense of optimism, even in the darkest of times. I play a game with my son called the “appreciation game,” where we go back and forth naming things we appreciate in our lives. Our last round went non-stop 20 minutes and we were both filled with hope and possibility when we finished. The truth is, we could have played all night. When we really start to feel into gratitude, we begin to see that there are literally endless possibilities for appreciation in our lives. The sound of a loved one laughing, the feel of sunshine on our faces, the warm blankets we sleep under, the water we have to drink, and on and on… The more we deepen into a state of gratitude, the more we will feel our hearts expand into hope and possibility.

In the end, the choice is really up to each one us as individuals to decide how we want to see the world and the type of life we desire to create. We can choose to be pessimistic and spend this life we have been gifted living inside of all that is wrong or we can choose to be optimistic, remaining in a state of hope and possibility, no matter what the external environment around us looks like. No matter what, life will continue to ebb and flow and the details of our lives will continue to change. Our external world is out of our control, but the state we choose to exist inside of is completely our choice to make.

Jennifer Joy Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler is a love & relationship coach, writer, and podcast host helping women learn how to expand into love so they can create happy & healthy relationships in their lives.


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