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By Worthy Staff | Mar 22nd, 2023

At Worthy, we like to think of ourselves as a selling partner for individuals looking to sell their jewelry. But that partnership is something we feel extends beyond the transaction and into the lives of the people we help by providing them with a safe and easy way to make the most of their jewelry as a financial asset. And an extension of that partnership is the Worthy Women’s Scholarship, which we are so proud to once again be able to offer in 2023.

The scholarship, now in its eighth year, is intended for women who have decided to enroll in school to pursue their passions and open up more doors for themselves and others. Over the years, we have helped eighteen worthy women make their dreams of returning to school a reality and continue to support women as they pursue their academic careers and onward. To apply, please review the requirements and writing instructions below.

Scholarship Awards

The writers of the top three selected essays will be awarded as follows:

  1. First Prize: $2,500
  2. Second Prize: $1,500
  3. Third Prize: $1,000

Scholarship Submission Guidelines & Topics

For your essay, please choose one of the following quotes and topics to address in 300-500 words. We are looking for answers that are honest, thoughtful, well-written, and focused.

Please note that while relevant background information is always appreciated, we ask that you remain topic-focused in your answer.


Describe a dream of yours you hope to one day achieve and tell us how your current educational and career endeavors will help you get there.


Imagine you could have dinner with any historical figure (political, entertainment, public figure). In your essay, share who it would be, why you chose them, and what you would hope to gain from your conversation.


Share a practice or belief in your culture that has helped you on the educational and career path you are taking.

2022 Worthy Women’s Scholarship Recipients

1st Place

2022 Worthy Scholarship Recipient Amy Henry

Amy Henry

36, MA in School Librarianship, Longwood University

“I am honored to be chosen as a recipient because as a woman going back to graduate school in my 30s, it has been a lot of hard work and making ends meet to get where I want to be.  It means a lot to me to know that my dream can continue.”

2nd Place

2022 Worthy Scholarship Recipient Amanda Sherman

Amanda Sherman

33, BA in Psychology and Pre-School Counseling

“The female focus greatly added extra meaning for me because I am a single mother over the age of 30 that is trying to better myself for me and my kids. Having an emphasis on females made me feel I had a better chance at getting the scholarship and I love how it feels empowering.”

3rd Place

2022 Worthy Scholarship Recipient Katherine White

Katherine White

50, BA in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

“The over-30 female focus is extra meaningful to me because going to school is tough. Even more so when you haven’t done it in 20+ years. Not only because we’re probably working full-time and have to carefully delegate our time between multiple outlets, but some of us are also maybe raising children or have completed that, as well. “

Our Worthy Scholarship Panelists

Karen McMahon

Certified Relationship & Divorce Coach, Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce

Mandy Walker

Divorce mediator, CDFA, Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker, and host of Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle

Carrie Rattle

Financial therapist/coach and the CEO & Founder of Behavioral Cents

Judy Herbst

Executive director of Savvy Ladies

Past Recipients

2021 – 1st Place
Laura Turner
32, Social and Human Services
Seattle Central College

2021 – 2nd Place
Kelsey Anderson
42, J.D., Law & Advocacy,
University of California

2021 – 3rd Place
Cleopatra Williams
39, Nursing,
University of Houston

2020 – 1st Place
Hillary Dahl
37, Psychology & Human Services,
Lesley University

2020 – 2nd Place
Temitope Asein
52, MA in Healthcare Management, University of St. Francis

2020 – 3rd Place
Erin Heise
31, Nursing, University of Arizona

2019 – 1st Place
Susan Bullotte
56, Masters in Human Resources, Saint Francis University

2019 – 2nd Place
Andrea Sneezy
33, BA in Criminal Justice, Arizona State University

2019 – 3rd Place
Elizabeth Walker
48, Doctorate in Organizational Change & Leadership, USC

2018 – 1st Place
Melissa Huff
32, Early Childhood Education, Barton Community College

2018 – 2nd Place
Christina Cordell
49, Religious Studies, Randolph College

2018 – 3rd Place
Angela Mayfield
32, MBA, NYU Stern School of Business

2017 – 1st Place
Rachel Carter
31, Masters in Divinity, Iliff School of Theology

2017 – 2nd Place
Kimberly Edwards
34, Nutrition and Dietetics Program, CSU Chico

2017 – 3rd Place
Dawn McCall
45, Master of Education, Grand Canyon University

2016 – 1st Place
Rayceana Rocha
32, BS in Sociology, California State University

2016 – 2nd Place
Emily Gagnon
32, Masters in Public Administration, Marist College

2016 – 3rd Place
Minerva Tovar
54, BS in Psychology, Colorado Christian University

Terms and Conditions

*Deadline subject to extension.

If you have any questions or issues submitting your application for the 2023 Worthy Women’s Scholarship, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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