How to Create Your Vision Board in 7 Steps

Nicole Amaturo

By Nicole Amaturo | Jan 19th, 2017

“You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to find it for yourself.” This quote by Glinda the Good Witch comes to mind when I think about how to create a life of your dreams. Within all of us, we have the power and capability of living our dream lives no matter what position we are in right now. I know this may be difficult for some to wrap their head around, but I know it to be true because I did the work and experienced the outcome of the power of visualization.

When I was first divorced, I didn’t know where my life was headed or who I was anymore. My identity was stripped. I had new dreams and aspirations, but I had no clue how I was going to make them happen. All I could think about was where I was at that point and had a hard time imagining anything different. I remember being on the phone with my dad, in one of our usual heart-to-heart conversations, telling him that I wanted to help others by writing a book, becoming a life coach, and doing seminars. I couldn’t imagine what my topic would be about or how I’d be a reputable source to anyone with how my life was at that time. I had no clue how I was going to get from point A to point B but all I knew was that I had a vision that I could feel with every bone in my body, coupled with blind faith. This proved to be enough.

“I had no clue how I was going to get from point A to point B but all I knew was that I had a vision that I could feel with every bone in my body, coupled with blind faith.”

I was new at the single life with so many uncertainties flooding my heart and mind. Faith in my desires was all that I had. I had heard about the power of vision boards when I watched the movie, The Secret, back in the day. Oprah was always an advocate of them and other self-improvement gurus, that I found myself listening to each morning on my way to work, also spoke highly of them. So, one day I had an idea to have a vision board party fit for two with my partner in crime back then. My friend and I were a gift to each other going through our newly single life together as we were both young mommies, married at a young age, and now divorced together. This period of transition was our first real go at being single. She was just as excited as I was with my idea so that afternoon we had a vision board party equipped with hot coffee, whipped cream and cinnamon for some extra sweetness in hand. We felt ready and empowered to create our new life. We went to the store together, giggled loudly, and bought lots of magazines on travel, style, romance, and self-improvement and began cutting away at all the things we wanted to attract into our lives. This helped me become clear about my intentions. I was able to see what I really wanted and who I really was by what I chose to put on my vision board compared to what I thought I wanted.

Vision Board

A vision board, sometimes referred to as a dream board, is a powerful tool to help your dreams come into fruition. In a nutshell, you put images, words, and affirmations on paper that represent your desires and passions. It helps you attract those things into your life and think the right thoughts. It has helped me create incredible shifts and make my wildest dreams a reality. After reading the book, The Secret, many people were under the impression that they could just create this collage they called their vision board, hang it up, and call it a day, but there’s more to it. It is not merely enough to put a picture of all the things you want and stop there. There’s great power for you in the 7 strategies of creating a vision board and visualizing.

7 Steps to Create a Vision Board

1. Getting Started

Cut out pictures, words, and quotes of anything that you want to attract in your life or makes you feel good. You can use magazines or even images from google to print and cut out. I’ve used a cork board, a shadow box, and even a journal to paste the images. Be authentic and only put what feels true to you and not what everyone else wants for you.

2. Pin your own photo

Put a picture of yourself on the board that reminds you of a time that you felt wonderful. You want the picture to evoke that same feeling each time you look at it while visualizing. The picture will bring you back to that time and that feeling will supercharge the power of manifesting.

3. Do not clutter your board

Leave spaces in between the pictures so that your mind can focus and not feel overwhelmed. Allow your desires to stand out. After all, you are worthy of each and every one of them so give them the space they deserve.

4. Do not focus on the specifics

The images on the board are representations of things that you want to attract, but you should not attach to the specifics of them. In other words, what you are truly after is the happiness in general that each will bring. If you attach to exact details from your board, then you’re limiting yourself. There may be something better the Universe has in store for you. For example, I had my dream beach house on my vision board but it was not important that I got that exact one. I was only going after the feeling that the beach house would bring me so when I finally arrived at my reality of living 4 minutes from the beach 2 years later, it wasn’t the exact house on my vision board but it sure did bring me the same happiness and fulfillment that the one on my board did. The language of the universe is EMOTION, good or bad. Don’t ever forget that!

5. Set up your visualization space

Create a space that makes it easy for you to visualize as part of your daily routine. I kept mine directly facing my shower so that I could visualize each morning to start my day on a positive note. I also keep my vision journal on my dresser so that I can view it at night before I go to bed. Viewing it in the morning is a great way to start your day focused on the positives and at night it is also very effective because your mind replays what it has been thinking about right before you go to sleep. It is a great way to attract your desires into your life while you are at rest.

6. Visualize! Visualize!

And visualize some more, but not too much! The key is to visualize for about 4 minutes per day but no more than 10.

7. Let it go!

Once you create your vision board and begin visualizing, let it go and allow the universe to work with you. Have faith that your dreams are manifesting and do not overthink or over-visualize. I picture sending all of my dreams up in the air with a balloon and letting them go putting them in the hands of the universe.

Visualizing is a crucial component of vision boards and attracting your dreams into your life. What you think about and believe will always become your reality, for good or bad. Your beliefs about your Self shape your reality as much as your emotions do. I can recall many things that I visualized that became my reality before I even knew about the power of vision boards and visualizing.

The 7 Keys to Visualization

  1. Don’t Worry About the How’s. What I have learned is that it is not your job to worry about how money will come, how the love of your life will show up, how your dream home will be yours, or how your dream career will take off. The Universe knows way more than you ever will. There’s always a million ways that things can happen so don’t get caught up in figuring out what you think may be the impossible. Think about when you couldn’t figure out how something could ever happen and it just miraculously all fell into place. Have FAITH!
  2. Take Small Action Steps in the Direction of Your Dreams. If you want a new career, it is not enough to just pin it on your vision board and let the Universe go to work. Sign up for a class, research more about the job you desire, listen to audiobooks, lectures, seminars, enroll in school, etc. Mike Dooley, author of Manifesting Change put it best when he compared this process to that of using a GPS. When you put your destination in a GPS, you’ll never get there by keeping your car in park, despite all the routes the GPS has lined up for you. The Universe has all different routes for helping you achieve your dreams, but you must be the co-pilot and take some action steps. The Universe will do the rest.
  3. Act AS IF You Already Have It. Fake it ‘til you make it! Be grateful for all of the blessings you are about to receive before you have received them. I went to the supermarket once and the cashier told me it was the most money she ever saw someone spend. So I giggled and said, “Good thing I’m loaded!” My mind wanted to take me to my reality of the fact that I spent more money than I had planned, but saying this helped me focus on abundance rather than not enough.
  4. Be Grateful for All the Little Things. What we focus on expands so find every reason in your day to be grateful and focus on the positives to create space for more blessings in your life. You have to have a positive state of mind to attract more positive results.
  5. Feel the Emotions that Each Symbol Represents. You must speak the language of the Universe. The universe responds to emotion. So it is important to picture yourself having what you desire and how it would make you feel. Put a smile on your face while visualizing. Sometimes I would actually yell out “Woohoo!” or picture me calling a friend with amazing news. Did I feel silly? Yup! I definitely did but the more I did it and saw that it was working, the more fun I’d have with it and the less silly I’d feel.
  6. Use Your Senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Sound, and Feel. If you are visualizing your dream home, picture pulling up to it and feel the excitement you’d feel, picture your hand opening up the doorknob and the feeling of the knob to your skin. Picture walking in and how it would smell. Visualize how ecstatic you’d be to be in your dream home entertaining family and friends with all the laughter surrounding you. This is a major part of the visualization process and is extremely effective.
  7. Use Affirmations When Feeling Doubtful. When we go after our dream life, we have to be prepared to be met with some opposition and resistance from our Selves, based off of past experiences. Your ego wants to keep you safely attached to what you know so you have to train your mind with your new patterns now. If you are visualizing your dream partner and you are experiencing resistance because you have been hurt before in love then affirm, “I am worthy of love” or “I am lovable” to reverse those feelings. If feelings and emotions are the language of the universe, then you’ll attract exactly what you truly feel, so it is important to acknowledge the resistance. If you don’t, then you may attract another relationship based off of feeling unlovable or not worthy, if that’s what you feel each time you look at a picture of a couple on your vision board. Over time, these affirmations will be the new norm for you and you will reverse those limiting beliefs that have once hindered you.

You have the power to create your dream life that feels like home no matter where your starting point is now.

Glinda the Good Witch taught a timeless lesson in the 1930’s. The power is always found within. You have the power to create your dream life that feels like home no matter where your starting point is now. The present is always the point that holds the greatest power. I’ve created major shifts in myself, as well as manifested many dreams that were once a thought. No, it didn’t happen overnight but I stayed focused on my dreams and allowed them to always lead the way. I am extremely grateful that three years later, I am living out many of my dreams that I wasn’t able to figure out the how to’s. Allow the power of visualization to work its magic. Wake up grateful, take action steps in the general direction of your dreams, have fun, visualize, have faith, and allow the universe to take over.

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo is a personal growth and love coach who specializes in helping women all around the world heal after divorce and manifest love through self-love.


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