3 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence After Divorce

Nicole Amaturo

By Nicole Amaturo | Mar 5th, 2022

Not feeling worthy comes from a place of not feeling like we are good enough. The first step is to first realize this is one of our false beliefs about ourselves and then just acknowledge it. Just in our awareness of it, we immediately begin the healing process to change. How do we know we may feel unworthy? Well, what are you attracting in your life? Are you attracting all the wrong partners in love and dating? Are you attracting the guys that call you “babe” within the first few text exchanges? When my close friend and I were newly single after our divorce, we used to think it was so cute when guys called us “babe” because it must’ve meant they really adored us! Uh…no! It means that everyone is their “babe” and by them not using our names, they actually weren’t acknowledging our identity, our worth. I now realize it would’ve been just the same as giving us a number!

When we don’t feel worthy, our outside world matches just how we feel. When we don’t feel like we are enough for the things we desire and deserve, we end up deflecting any good that may want to come our way without realizing it. We may not have a career that makes our heart sing. We go on date after date without attracting partners that value who we are. We feel uncomfortable treating ourselves and allowing ourselves to experience things that we feel are out of “our league”. What this all means is that we aren’t loving ourselves enough and valuing our own worth. So, the first place to start like always is inside our Selves. Acknowledge it. Accept it without judgment. Keep it into your awareness. And now have some fun taking action!

3 Actions to Allow your Self to feel Worthy and Exceptional:

Claim Your Worth and Just Do It

Declare your worth to your Self and start acknowledging your desires. Start figuring out what would add a little pep in your step. What gives you butterflies in your stomach just by thinking of it? When we live an ordinary life, not in line with our purpose and dreams, we can’t help but feel complacent, bored, irrelevant, and unexceptional. Not happy at your job? Freakin’ QUIT! I just resigned from teaching after 10 years because the negative environment didn’t match who I was anymore. As my vibe and energy grew, I slowly kept encountering issues every way I turned at work that didn’t echo my worthiness, which I worked hard to achieve. It was the universe’s nudge to assist me in pursuing my coaching business full time. Helping women all over the world free themselves from the inside out, so they can attract the love they desire and deserve, lights me up! There’s no better feeling than knowing my clients’ dreams are about to come true as my worth is echoed back to me. Follow your passion. Make a decision. Start taking small steps. The universe will reward you!

Care Free

No matter what your life circumstances are, you CAN change them and own your worthiness. They’ll always be reasons why something isn’t possible. Start focusing on how you can achieve them instead and be open to what the universe is trying to tell you. If you’re reading this today, it is a love note from the universe to help you get started. Start taking small steps that will slowly make you smile with pride and confidence. Push yourself outside your comfort zone and when you start to make your Self happy, you become an unstoppable, powerful force. Everything else can’t help but fall into place as you do. When you start to honor your desires, go after them, and achieve them, you are sending the message out into the universe that you are worthy and enough for these things. You, in turn, start to feel proud and worthy for honoring your exceptional life, away from mediocrity.

Be Bad Ass YOU!

Make a decision to feel worthy! You are a FERRARI in a world of Chevys. Not that a Chevy isn’t a good car, it’s a great car. I’ve had two. But, it’s an ordinary, everyday car. You see a million Chevys on the road each day. They’re pretty affordable and safe. How often do you see a Ferrari? Be THAT girl! The one that’s hard to come by because she’s powerful, sexy, beautiful inside and out, and owns her worth. Be that girl that other girls admire for her power, confidence, and glow. Be the valuable, limited edition badass that you freakin’ are! Any guy better feel damn lucky to have you on their arm and if they don’t and aren’t mirroring your worth to you, ba-byeeee! Unfortunately, there’s plenty of emotionally unavailable men in your pool when you are feeling unworthy.

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Instead, put on a pair of heels, get comfortable in your own skin, or heels, and own the red-hot, powerful, sexy Ferrari that you are! Now go out feeling like a Ferrari. Walk with those shoulders back, ass out, beautiful face forward and feel that new found confidence knowing that you are far from ordinary. You’ll turn heads everywhere just from the new found energy you’re giving off. In this, you’ll inevitably attract a different class guy who will match your inside WORTH just in you owning it, believing it and not settling for yet another Chevy (no offense Chevy).

Splurge…Even if Just A LITTLE

Go out and get yourself something that will serve as a visual reminder of your sexy worthiness! No that doesn’t have to mean to go out and buy that Louie Vuitton or Chanel bag that you always wanted just yet, but it could if that works for you! It could be something as simplistic as a manicure or a beautiful crystal or as materialistic as you so desire. I’d even venture to say that the more resistance you have towards the more materialistic option means that it’s actually the best thing for you to actually choose.


I am far from materialistic. I’ve learned that having expensive things doesn’t have to mean that I am, though. Give yourself permission to have the nicest of things. You deserve it and are worthy of them; we all are! Our human bodies are a fun expression of our souls. It should reflect who and what we are on the inside. Dress yours up how you see fit. Allow yourself to be the girl you once felt envious of instead of being resentful that you can’t be.

Rather than playing the victim role, empower yourself by being who you want to be, without making excuses for the unconscious worthiness blocks you may have. I’ve had them so they’re familiar friends to me. If you’re uncomfortable around someone with expensive things, chances are it’s a message from your Higher Self to allow your Self to have them too. Just because we were one way our whole lives doesn’t mean that it defines who we are forever. We are allowed to change, grow, own our power, our beauty, our sexiness and flaunt that shit cause we know how hard we worked to own that part of ourselves. Now, go do something or give yourself something as a visual reminder to your Self of your own worthiness today. Comment what it is that you did; I would LOVE to hear from you and how good it felt. Much love! xo

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo is a personal growth and love coach who specializes in helping women all around the world heal after divorce and manifest love through self-love.


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