Worthy Asks: What Is The One Thing That You Wanted Help With During Your Divorce?

the one thing you wanted help with
Sharri Freedman

By Sharri Freedman | Dec 15th, 2019

Over the past few months we’ve been asking the community in our Facebook group, Worthy Women and Divorce, different questions about divorce and their lives: funny and weird dating stories, divorce regrets, what things women couldn’t compromise on during divorce proceedings. 

Last month, a new question popped up from group member Sharri, who asked: “What is the one thing that you want or wanted help with the most when going through your divorce?”

We knew this Worthy woman had the right idea when her post got responses from 96 women within the first few hours. We quickly got in touch with Sharri to see what she was all about and found that she is one of those wonderful people in our community looking to help others. Sharri is a family law attorney and divorce coach based in Maryland. She specializes in helping mothers navigate the practical and emotional challenges before, during, and after divorce by empowering them to transform their divorce experience and go from feeling stressed, anxious, depleted and fearful to confident, calm, and replenished. In the coming months, Sharri will be posting questions on our Facebook Group page for you to answer and share your experiences with our community. 

Here is what women had to say about wanting help while going through divorce:

Emotional Assistance

The highest number of women responded that emotional support would have helped them tremendously during their divorce. 

14 women stated that they would have benefited from some emotional support, whether just to vent, or keep their emotions in check while negotiating. they needed to negotiate. 

The answers varied from “To feel normal again..”, to just “Someone to talk to, to vent to, to just release…”. 

Financial Assistance 

11 women stated that some financial assistance or coaching would have been helpful during the process. 

Legal fees were expensive and they weren’t sure how to allocate their funds properly. The responses varied from “ Someone to talk to about finances..” to “Money management – getting a realistic set of options…”

Familial & Friends Support 

Sometimes a strong circle of support is all we need. Whether it is family, friends or a support group as one of the women clearly stated that they needed a “Divorce Support Group in my area. I don’t know other separated or divorced moms nearby!”

11 women stated that what they truly needed was for their families and friends to step up during their time of crisis. 

The answered ranged from: “ I needed to be held by those closest to me…” to the basic “Company, just someone to go to the movies, take a class, a quick phone call, a walking partner, a person to take day trips. A friend…”

Legal Assistance

Often a good lawyer is all you need. 

8 women stated that legal advice, or more specifically affordable legal advice, would have helped them tremendously. The answers varied from “A good, honest lawyer…” to  “Affordable online legal advice.”

Divorce Coach 

4 women stated that some sort of coaching would have been helpful. To help organize their needs and how to approach everything that needed taking care of. 

The answers varied from: “Would you have found it helpful to have a coach who provided you with the tools to be able to make clear informed decisions..” to “I didn’t know that such a coach existed until I joined this group. And of course, my attorney didn’t recommend seeking a coach either…”

General Support 

The rest of the women, about 5 or so mentioned general support they could have used, like helping packing, “A place to live” and general understanding from employers, etc. 

Sharri Freedman

Sharri Freedman

Sharri Freedman is a family law attorney and divorce coach based in Maryland who specializes in helping women whose world has been turned upside down by divorce.


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