Why it’s “ME” over “WE” this Valentine’s Day

Kelli Acciardo

By Kelli Acciardo | Feb 10th, 2022

“Me vs. We.” That’s the message we should all be repeating with a certain holiday approaching — Valentine’s Day. Sure, February 14th is associated with cheesy rom-coms and overpriced date nights, and basically every other activity designed for a duo, but what really gets lost in all the Hallmark fluff is what this day really represents…Love. And you don’t need to be a part of a pair to celebrate that.

There might be a new chapter of your life beginning or even just the start of a new year. Whatever the reason, it’s always important to take time for yourself, celebrate yourself, love yourself, and — to treat yourself. Who needs to wait around to be handed a gift this V-Day? Not us. Flowers, chocolates, diamonds…all things we are perfectly capable of buying and gifting ourselves, to remind us of our own self-worth.

One way to treat yourself? Refresh your jewelry box — sell your diamond jewelry and buy new pieces you love! And we couldn’t think of a better time to do so than the most romantic day of the year, because what’s more romantic than loving yourself first and foremost? Diamonds are authentic, rare, and one-of-a-kind (just like you), so exchanging your current diamond for a new one not only represents a new future, but a commitment to yourself.


Diamonds aren’t just for fancy occasions, either. They come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, and colors and in many styles of jewelry besides rings — necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets — so finding and falling in love with a new diamond is the easy part. Plus, with Worthy, you’ll be able to sell your jewelry with trust and for more, which means endless options for your new diamond moment at your fingertips.

What could be better than the ability to make these decisions on your own, at this point in your life, and to turn Valentine’s Day into something positive and empowering? We for one, know the power of a diamond and the important role they play in life’s most meaningful moments. Worthy allows you to create your own next meaningful (and real) moment, the way you want it. #RealisRare

ABOUT “Real is Rare” & the Diamond Producers Association (DPA):

Real is Rare. Real is A Diamond is a communication platform from the Diamond Producers Association (DPA). We’re an international alliance of the world’s leading diamond mining companies, who together represent the majority of world’s diamond production.

Through the Real is Rare campaign, DPA’s mission is to educate consumers about diamonds and how they are sourced with integrity — and why diamonds in all shapes, colors, and sizes should be celebrated.

Through the Real is Rare platform, you’ll find interesting and current information on how diamonds are formed, where they’re found and the emotional significance they have in people’s lives, both in their contribution to society and diamond communities, along with the role they play in some of life’s most meaningful moments.

Using the hashtag #RealisRare, consumers can join the conversation about “Real is Rare” on social media @RealisaDiamond on Twitter and Instagram, “Real is a Diamond” Facebook page and YouTube Channel, and see additional content on the “Real is a Diamond” Website.

Kelli Acciardo

Kelli Acciardo

Kelli Acciardo is a New York-based journalist and social media content creator, specializing in travel, beauty, fashion, food & wine, health & fitness, and lifestyle reporting.


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