Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Embark on your Fitness Journey

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Jennifer Giamo

By Jennifer Giamo | Feb 17th, 2022

I have been a health & fitness professional for over 20 years and have seen clients struggle over and over again with weight loss, exercise adherence, and proper nutrition. One of the biggest problems is that they view these changes as overwhelming when in fact, by taking one, small step at a time, they are going to get the results (and maintain them) for a lifetime. We all know that there is no quick fix, no one-size-fits-all plan, and no magic bullet. A common sense, habit-based approach is the most successful. Changes behavior is the only thing that works. Re-framing what health and fitness looks like and finding your WHY. Below you will find a real-life guide to weight loss, wellness and working out.

1. Why do you want to get into shape?

If the answer is for anyone BUT yourself, YOUR health and YOUR wellbeing, then re-think your motivation. Your goals around fitness should be very specific to you. They shouldn’t be for a husband, a wife, a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, if it means being healthy for your kids or grandkids…if you want to run after them without losing your breath or just be around to see them have children of their own, you get a pass! Your WHY should serve as a reminder throughout every step on your journey.

2. When was the last time you felt “fit”?

Think about what you were doing when you felt this way. How old were you? What type of job did you have? Did you have kids? Our lifestyles change, evolve and grow based on our stage of life. If you haven’t felt fit since you were a college student without many responsibilities and a pretty flexible schedule, keep that in mind when you are trying to juggle exercise, family, work and other commitments. The point is, be realistic about where you are today.

3. How much time and effort are you willing to put in?

When making a commitment to anything, this is a super important question to answer. Honestly. When we decide to start a fitness routine, many people employ the “all or nothing” approach. You may tell yourself, “I will go to the gym 6 days a week and cut out all the sugar in my diet”. How long does this usually last? A week, a month? It is a very unrealistic method that sets you up for failure. When you miss a workout or eat a cookie, you beat yourself up (maybe go off the rails a bit) and start all over again.

4. Do you have any health issues/injuries/restrictions that would preclude you from following an exercise routine?

Be aware of any limitations you may have and address them with your doctor. A certified trainer will also be able to devise a program to address your specific concerns, help keep you safe and provide an effective plan to achieve your goals. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional who can observe, identify and correct any imbalances you may have.

5. What has held you back in the past?

If you’re reading this, I can assume that you are still looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’ve made temporary changes in the past but nothing ever really “stuck”. What were some of those roadblocks that kept you from being successful long-term? The number one excuse is time. You are just. too. busy. You are working long hours, you’re on the run, you’re traveling, taking care of family and on an on. Guess what? Everyone has a hectic life. If you don’t make the time for your health, then you will eventually need to make time for illness. Sounds cliche, but it’s true. We make time for the things that are important to us. So identifying past mistakes or missteps makes you less likely to repeat them.

Our most successful clients have joined our Online Coaching Program and have seen remarkable changes. Not just on their scales or in their clothes, but in their mindset. So no matter where they are in their busy lives, they have the skills to make the best choices regardless of the circumstances. They learned their WHY and THAT is the key.

Jennifer Giamo

Jennifer Giamo

Jennifer Giamo is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Education, and the founder of Trainers in Transit LLC.


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