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By Worthy Staff | Nov 26th, 2019

Have you ever heard the saying “Health is wealth?” Of all the investments we make, those that provide a positive impact on health are among the most important. Award-winning author and positive aging expert Barbara Hannah Grufferman joins us this week with actionable advice on staying healthy as we age. 

Let’s face it: Many of us feel at least a little bit apprehensive about getting older. Misinformation makes it difficult to determine the best course of action to take toward better health, and the stress of divorce and other life events can compound the issue, leaving us more vulnerable to illness. Barbara hopes to help us change all that. Since turning 50, she has turned to running as an important tool for enhancing health – and since becoming a runner, she has completed numerous races including several half marathons and marathons. 

Not only is Barbara on a mission to help people make fitness a priority after 40, but she’s also deeply dedicated to the idea that age isn’t just something to be accepted or embraced; instead, it’s possible to love our age and enjoy these beautiful decades of our lives.

In This Episode

Barbara speaks with Jennifer about loving ourselves where we are right now, positive aging, and how to feel great about ourselves no matter what our ages. While we can’t control the fact that we are getting older, we can control the way we do it. 

About Barbara Hannah Grufferman 

A recognized expert on positive aging, Barbara Hannah Grufferman, is the author of two books including the multi-award-winning Love Your Age: The Small Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life which was published by National Geographic and branded by AARP in February 2018.

Barbara’s first book, “The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More,” is a highly regarded resource for women over 50, and one of the first books to focus on the power of embracing your age. She also contributes to AARP and Thrive Global, consults with multi-national companies that seek to engage with the 45+ consumer, and has been a spokesperson for several of them. If you’d like to see more from Barbara, tune in to the AARP YouTube channel for “The Best of Everything with Barbara Hannah Grufferman”. You can also connect with Barbara on her website and social media.

Worthy Staff

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