A Year of Growth: 6 Things I Accomplished in 2017

Nicole Amaturo

By Nicole Amaturo | Jan 9th, 2018

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a beautiful butterfly.” Since my divorce in 2014, I have been rebuilding my whole entire world. My whole Self. 2017 was my final phase of the overhaul I set out to create when I first got divorced. I first dreamed of healing mySelf to become whole to attract another whole in love. By 2016, I accomplished both. My second goal was to sell my house and live by the beach. By the end of 2016, it finally came to reality.

My last goal was my career. I dreamed of leaving my teaching career and becoming a life coach in love and personal growth. I wanted to share my lessons that I had learned along the way to help other women going through the same pain that I was in when I got divorced. I made it my mission to help others heal their heart, have faith in a power greater than themselves, learn how to be alone without being lonely, realize their power and manifest their wildest dreams, especially a healthy love. Well, in 2017 I did just that.

I compare my journey in 2017 to that of a beautiful butterfly. Before the butterfly realizes its beauty and freedom, it first has to go through many stages of transformation and growth. The caterpillar first sheds its skin a couple of times. This is the equivalent of shedding what no longer serves us. For me, this was my career as a teacher. I had to let that go in order to transform into my dream goal. Then, the caterpillar becomes the pupa/cocoon. To the naked eye, it appears as though it is just resting. But what is happening inside that nobody can see, is preparing the caterpillar to turn into the strong butterfly. This is where all the beauty begins. To everyone else, the beauty just appears when it looks like a butterfly vibrantly soaring through the sky bringing beauty and hope to all those around. Nobody realizes the struggle within the darkness. The pain in the transformation. The enormous amount of strength it took to endure the darkness in order to self-actualize.

I began to soar and self-actualize only after I endured the darkness, fears, and ambiguity in the process.

This was 2017 in a nutshell. I began to soar and self-actualize only after I endured the darkness, fears, and ambiguity in the process. I was put to the test again after I managed to own my own worth and love mySelf when I was working on manifesting love. This time, I had to do it as I was building my business. The Universe sure does have a sense of humor sometimes. Just when we think we’ve mastered something, we get hit at another angle with the same lessons. When we learn and master it, we get to move on up. It wasn’t an easy process but I stayed strong in between the tears. The women who are part of my tribe kept me going each day by seeing the impact I was making in their lives. So, for that I am forever grateful to them. They helped me just as much I was helping them each day.

Cheers to 2017 and all of my accomplishments and lessons:

1. I Left What No Longer Served Me

I managed to gather up the courage to leave the job that no longer served my highest good. I literally jumped in spite of all fears and not knowing how it would turn out. All I had once again was faith. I had faith in knowing I had no idea how other things would work out in my life and they just managed to magically fall into place. This was my anchor in 2017. Big time.

2. I Built My 1:1 Coaching Business

I managed to create a name for myself and take on a full schedule of 1:1 clients. I have helped women from literally all over the world heal themselves, have faith in a power greater than themselves, and take back their own power as I meet with them each week. I share my knowledge, light, and love with them weekly and watch them become who they were meant to be before all the crap happened in their lives to change them.

3. I Started My First Group Coaching Academy

I launched my F.L.Y. Girl Academy. FLY = First Love YourSelf. This academy helps women become their own best friend. They finally heal after a heartbreak, understand their power and take it back, release blame and resentment, let go of the past, including partners, own their own worth and LOVE themselves, so they can manifest their healthy, dream love they so desire and deserve. The second round is starting up in February. For more info, click here.

4. I Stretched Into the Bigger Version of Myself

I took risks and hired a business coach to help me become the version of mySelf that I knew was buried deep within. I had no idea how I was going to get the money to pay for this, but I had faith knowing that if I acted from a place of faith and love, rather than fear, the Universe would support me and the money would show up. And yes, it did! I knew if I wanted my clients to invest in me, I needed to invest in mySelf and take my own leaps and jumps, including my first of many Facebook Live’s with her help.

I also hired a Virtual Assistant and decided to let go of full control and allow others to help me. If I was going to be as big as I knew I was, I had to hire a team. I had to allow others to help. But first, I had to work on the belief that if I wanted something done right, I had to do it myself. This was only after a huge lesson from a marketing agency that I hired and invested thousands of dollars in, went wrong. I needed to look at the lesson in it for me and there it was. A mirror of my inner belief system.


5. I Created My First Facebook Group

I created a place for women to get free training, support, and love each day as they began to heal, own their own worth, and create their dream love in, Manifest Love through Self-Love. Women are ending toxic relationships, loving themselves for the first time in their lives and owning their own worth. It’s absolutely beautiful.

6. I Launched My First LOVE MANIFESTING Course

Love in 21 became my baby in 2017. I made a course for women to create space for their dream love to enter in 21 days. They get daily, fun, and time-saving activities to help them heal, own their worth, release attachment, and create space for their perfect partner to enter.

The joy in all of this is watching women become who I knew they were and couldn’t see it themselves at first. I watch them turn into beautiful butterflies on a daily basis and guide them through the darkness of that cocoon. Women have created their dream love and continue to do so as we speak. What better way to serve others and live out my dream career than through that of being a beacon of love. It was worth the darkness to finally soar as that beautiful butterfly that I am.

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo is a personal growth and love coach who specializes in helping women all around the world heal after divorce and manifest love through self-love.


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