Happiness is Jumping in Spite of Fear: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

jumping in spite of fear
Nicole Amaturo

By Nicole Amaturo | Aug 11th, 2022

In April of 2017, after much exhaustion, stress, and frustration, I resigned from teaching after 10 years. In the beginning of my career, teaching was fun! I was able to connect with my students, be a beacon for those who needed it most, and teach them the state and district standards. My test scores were always one of, if not the highest, in the district. But, in recent years, the days of having fun and connecting were stolen from me. Curriculum! Curriculum! Curriculum! Tests! Tests! And more tests! This was what my career consisted of. It was 42 minutes of teaching to the test and out they went with little to no connection. Once I lost the natural flow of getting to know my students and having fun with them while also learning, I also lost myself as a teacher of subject material. I realized I was more of a teacher of life. That’s where my passion was. My passion was my purpose and I was cheating myself, my students, and the rest of the world by staying in a job out of fear and comfort.

After I underwent my spiritual journey during my divorce, teaching my students how to truly thrive in this world with their soul’s purpose was more important to me than curriculum. In the building itself, the energy and vibration were low. Betrayals in the building ran rampant and the administration pinned the faculty against each other to save their own asses. I had a mouth. I had a voice. And I couldn’t just keep quiet; it’s not in my nature to eat shit. I wasn’t good at being led by someone who I felt was incompetent and it showed in my job. I would rather risk looking like the difficult one than just accepting things the way they were when I saw a better way. I was the same way in childhood. If I felt I was being parented wrong, I spoke up even if it would get me grounded for weeks at a time. I understood energy and vibration and I knew how unhealthy this all was for me and everyone else. I was under the administration of someone who came there to live his last few years out before he retired and had zero passion for his job, the students, and certainly not all of his faculty. The culture and climate of the school were terrible. I quickly became defeated. Tired. And worn out. Until one day I finally jumped in spite of my fear.

I had a voice.
And I couldn’t just keep quiet…

I knew I was ready to become a full-time life coach, but there never seemed a right time to make the move. Feeling safe is quite dangerous. It keeps us frozen and complacent. I had a pension, benefits, and a reliable and steady income. Would I be nuts to leave and take a risk? Would I be nuts to actually think I can make big shit happen? Who was I to think I was great? How would I do it? The moment I started to think with “Hows”, I remembered what I would tell my clients. It was not my job to figure out the “Hows”. When I was scared, I used my past experiences as a reference to remember that I wasn’t able to see a “How” in sight many times and then things magically came together beautifully. This gave me the confidence and faith that I needed this time too. I knew if I made the decision and stuck to it, the Universe would send me all that I needed to make it happen. So, I did it! I stood up and resigned in a meeting with my principal as he was talking like Charlie Brown’s teacher. I heard nothing he was saying as my inner voice kept speaking louder over his telling me to do it.

My Higher Self knew it was best for me to pursue my coaching business full time. I had too much to offer the world by playing it safe. We all do! But, this required me to have faith in all that I was and the experiences that brought me to this moment. We all deserve to go after our dreams. That’s why they were given to us and often that’s why we encounter issues when we are not where we are supposed to be. Trust that little inner voice nudging you in the direction of your dreams and shush the one telling you it could never work.

To find out where your true happiness lies, ask yourself the following 4 questions:

1. Where am I letting fear drive me instead of faith?
2. Where am I limiting myself?
3. Where do I feel unfulfilled?
4. What would I do differently if there was no fear?
This is your true happiness. Remember that miracles will show up when you do!

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo is a personal growth and love coach who specializes in helping women all around the world heal after divorce and manifest love through self-love.


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