Worthy Asks: Do New Year’s Resolutions About Divorce Work?

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Sharri Freedman

By Sharri Freedman | Feb 9th, 2020

Last month we asked our Facebook group, Worthy Women and Divorce, if anyone was making New Year’s resolutions with regard to their divorce. We hoped that by asking women to share their resolutions, it would inspire others and help people get to their goals. 

Christine S. kept it simple: “Yes, to get it finalized!” And we tend to agree. Clear, defined goals can keep you focused. 

Christine C. was a little more detailed but has everyone’s best interests in mind: “To take my time to get my ducks in a row and do it ‘right’ and kindly so that we are both set up for success and remain mutually supportive friends for life. And to stop over-giving and put self-care first!” Keeping kindness in mind when setting a resolution can only help the tension-filled divorce negotiations. Christine, we applaud your efforts! And of course, self-care and being aware of overextending yourself when under stress are two major ways to make the experience just a little easier. Self-care is also important during difficult life transitions and something that often gets forgotten when life gets tough.

Sarah M. is ready to move on: “Yes I sent him a very heartfelt letter on new years eve and this year it’s all about me moving on.” 

Brenda H. wants to take control: “I no longer allow negativity, power or control to be around me. My world is happy and peaceful now.” 

If You Still Haven’t Made Those Resolutions for 2020 Yet…

Consider making goals rather than resolution if you’re a person who can’t make resolutions happen in one go. Stacey’s method is all about making changes in small increments. And if you’re wondering which resolutions are not worth your time, here’s a list of 7 New Years’ resolutions to ditch this year. For the financially minded readers, Samantha Gregory is all about the money master plan over the resolutions. 

Sharri Freedman

Sharri Freedman

Sharri Freedman is a family law attorney and divorce coach based in Maryland who specializes in helping women whose world has been turned upside down by divorce.


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