The Golden Jubilee Diamond

Golden Jubilee Diamond
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By Worthy Staff | Jun 26th, 2019

Name: The Golden Jubilee Diamond

Also Known As: Unnamed Brown Diamond

Price Estimation: $4-12 Million USD

Size: 109.13 grams

Color: Fancy Yellow-Brown

Cut: Fire Rose Cushion cut

Carat: 545.67 carats

Originally Belonged To: Henry Ho of Thailand

What is The Golden Jubilee Diamond?

At 109.13 grams, the Golden Jubilee Diamond is the biggest cut and faceted diamond in the world. At 545.67 carats, it outweighs the Cullinan I diamond by a whopping 15.37 carats. While various images of the diamond show it as a golden to orange color, it has been graded as a fancy yellow-brown diamond. Before being cut, it was considered to be a very ugly stone; even its name, “Unnamed Brown Diamond” was unattractive. Once it was given its unique fire rose cushion cut, it was transformed into a diamond like none other.

the Golden Jubilee Diamond is the biggest cut and faceted diamond in the world

How Much is The Golden Jubilee Diamond Worth?

Just how much is the Golden Jubilee diamond worth? In this article, we answer this question, provide information about this incredible gem’s value, and give you some insight into its history. 

Valued at four to twelve million U.S. dollars, the stone is actually a priceless piece as it is truly one of a kind.

History of The Golden Jubilee Diamond

While many of the world’s biggest diamonds have long histories, the story attached to the Golden Jubilee Diamond is a relatively short one. Discovered in 1985, this stone is fairly new to the world, and has only had a few owners. 

Given the Golden Jubilee diamond’s size, it’s not terribly surprising that it came from the Premier Mine, which has yielded some other famous diamonds including the Cullinan Diamond and the Taylor-Burton Diamond. First known by the unremarkable name of “Unnamed Brown,” this gemstone was given to Gabriel Tolkowsky by the DeBeers company for the purpose of testing out special cutting tools and gem cutting methods that were initially developed for use on the colorless Centenary diamond. 

Because the uncut stone had several inclusions and deep cracks, it was cut in a specially designed underground chamber that is free of vibrations that could cause the cutting process to go awry. With time and patience, and over the course of two long years, this yellow-brown diamond was transformed to its current state. Its beauty is magnified by a spectacular fire rose cushion cut that maximizes its fire while increasing its value. 

Brought to Thailand by the Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association for a special exhibit in the Thai Board of Investment Exhibition in Laem Chabang, the diamond was selected for the prestigious honor of heralding De Beer’s centennial celebrations, which were held in 1988.

A Blessed Stone for Royalty

the Golden Jubilee Diamond remains in the Royal Thai Palace

In 1995, ten years after its discovery, the stone was purchased from the De Beers company by a group led by Henry Ho of Thailand. It was then brought to the Vatican in Rome, where it received a Papal Blessing from Pope John Paul II. Afterward, it was blessed by the Supreme Imam as well as the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch in Thailand. 

The diamond was presented to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand in honor of his 50th coronation anniversary. He changed its name from “Unnamed Brown” to “The Golden Jubilee Diamond.” 

Initially, plans were made to mount the massive diamond in the King’s royal scepter. Later, a plan was made to have it mounted in the royal seal of Thailand. 

The government of Thailand originally reported the newly acquired stone as a large golden topaz, in order to prevent Thai citizens from becoming upset over the expense. As the nation had been in financial straits for some time before the diamond’s acquisition, there was concern that news of the expenditure would cause the government’s popularity to drop. 

Today, the Golden Jubilee Diamond remains in the Royal Thai Palace, where it is part of the Crown Jewels. It has been exhibited in Switzerland and the United States in the past, and has sometimes been put on display at Henry Ho’s incredible 59-story Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok. Because of the Golden Jubilee diamond’s size and value, it is always guarded carefully. 

How much is the Golden Jubilee diamond worth? Is the Golden Jubilee diamond price of just $4 to $12 million USD correct? If sold at auction, it is likely that this stone would fetch a significantly higher price. After all, it is one of a kind, and it remains the largest cut and polished diamond on the planet.

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