Top 10 Featured Auctions from July 2022

top 10 auctions july 2022
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Aug 5th, 2022

As we head into the third month of summer, let’s take a look back at some of our more colorful auctions from July 2022. While jewelry tends to be pretty limited to gold and silver (excuse us, white gold), last month we saw plenty of colorful pieces at auction that we just loved. Here are our top ten. 

Rainbow of Rings

Sure a white diamond is always a classic look, but sometimes ring-wearers want to mix things up! Yellow diamonds, such as the cushion-cut stunner pictured below (#5) can be ultra-sophisticated. You can also use gemstones, like emeralds and amethyst, to accentuate a diamond’s beauty (#2 and #4). But we were especially fond of the mandala-like pink diamond halo pictured below (#3).

Exquisite Earrings 

Last month with saw two exceptional pairs of earrings come through our auctions, both of which were quite unique in color and design. The first pair, drop earrings from Italian jewelry designer Stefan Hafner, feature an abstract design studded with blue and yellow sapphires in addition to diamonds (#9). The second pair, while having a classic square design, is unique in every other way – from the 2 CT fancy purple pink diamonds at the center to the halo of black diamonds to the rose gold metal choice (#1). These earrings are truly exquisite and very worth the hefty auction price.

Beautiful Bracelets

While our auctions don’t normally favor bracelets, last month we were lucky enough to receive a number of beautiful pieces. We were particularly fond of the round-cut diamond and emerald bracelet (#6 below), with its alternating pattern of diamond and enchanting green emerald. We also received a diamond and gemstone bangle (#8) that is fit for the red carpet.

But while these pieces are all beautiful and exceptional, sometimes those wow-factor items in your jewelry box are going unworn and unloved, consider selling them with a trusted selling partner like Worthy. Remember that jewelry can be an undiscovered financial asset just waiting to serve you better. 

july 2022 top auctions
  1. 1 CT Fancy Purple-Pink Diamond Earrings. Sold for $61,666.
  2. 1.07 CT Round Cut 3 Stone Ring. Sold for $6,500.
  3. 1.01 CT Round-Cut Halo Ring with Faint Pink Surrounding Diamonds. Sold for $5,834.
  4. 1.50 CT Round-Cut 3 Stone Ring. Sold for $5,350.
  5. 0.94 ct. Cushion Cut Solitaire Tiffany & Co. Ring. Sold for $4,200.
  6. Round-Cut Diamond and Emerald Bracelet. Sold for $2,921
  7. Cartier Caresse D’Orchidees Diamond and Onyx Necklace. Sold for $2,200. 
  8. Sapphire and Round-Cut Diamond Bangle Bracelet. Sold for $1,638.
  9. Stefan Hafner Sapphire & Diamond Drop Earrings. Sold for $1,424.
  10. Cartier Happy Sport Watch. Sold for $1,211.

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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