Solo Travel After 60…You Can Do It!

Solo Travel After 60…You Can Do It!
Lorie Kleiner Eckert

By Lorie Kleiner Eckert | Jul 14th, 2019

Vacation ideas for single women over sixty abound. If you have a compatible vacation partner, great. But if not, every travel opportunity can still be yours. The key is this mindset: You are NOT traveling alone because you are some sort of social pariah, you are traveling alone because you want to fashion the exact trip you want, with no compromise necessary.

Has this ever happened to you? I once phoned a friend to suggest an evening out. I asked her to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and then to the movies to see a comedy that had great reviews. She excitedly, said, “Yes!” but followed it with the words, “But instead, let’s go to the deli and then attend the concert in the park.” Since it was just one night of my life, I agreed, but for my much-dreamed-of-trip-to-Italy-someday, she’s not invited. Indeed, I’d rather go it alone.

What I mean by “go it alone”: Whether I stay in the U.S. or travel abroad, I am most comfortable finding a tour company going to my desired locale. I like to travel by bus with two or three dozen fellow travelers. I want the tour company to make all the decisions. They need to line up the hotels and restaurants, get tickets to the main attractions, and encourage me to rotate my seat on the bus daily so that I get to know everyone. And of course, I want them to manage my luggage. All I want to do is get on their bus and go. Thus, when I say I am willing to, “go it alone,” I mean that I am willing to join such a group knowing none of the other travelers in advance.

With this sort of vacation in mind, the choice of trips is endless. Of course, I can choose to go on my much-dreamed-of-trip-to-Italy, or I can pick any other country, state, or city to see. But beyond that, there are a lot of intriguing trips as well. Let’s look at some by category:

Trips to Festivals/Special Events

All of these are offered by Road Scholar:

Holiday Happenings

Sad to be alone on a major holiday?  Take one of these tours and be the envy of all instead. (All are offered by Road Scholar.)

Women Only Travel

A travel company’s catalog will show that many trips are offered on various dates. In such a listing, some companies will also specify that a particular trip is for women only. Additionally, a Google search of “women only travel” turned up these trips:

As you think about your own travel desires, here are some other categories to consider and to Google for specific opportunities:

I’m sure that as you read these ideas, you will salivate over some and gag over others. Likewise, a prospective travel partner will feel the same way. But what if your likes and dislikes don’t mesh? That means you might have to compromise and go on a trip that is not your number one choice, which is a perfectly fine thing to do. The other option, of course, is to travel solo, a decision that will open up the world to you…on your terms. 

I tried it. I like it. I recommend it to you. You can do it! 

Lorie Kleiner Eckert

Lorie Kleiner Eckert

Lorie Kleiner Eckert thinks of herself as a cheerleader with the message: Life is difficult, but you can do it! Her new book, Love, Loss, and Moving On is available on Amazon.


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