Taking a Dating Hiatus and Emotional Purging with Mandy Hale

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By Worthy Staff | Sep 3rd, 2019

Dating after divorce: It’s a hot topic and something that most of us experience eventually. In this episode of Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle, New York Times best-selling author and blogger Mandy Hale offers reasons why it’s often important to take a break from dating. 

Mandy came to this realization after an intense breakup. Emotionally, she felt like she’d lost everything. She wondered why she felt the urge to continue dating when she still had so much to process and over time, she realized that many others feel that they need to keep on dating even though they might not be emotionally prepared. 

We long for companionship and love. When serious relationships and marriages come to an end and we find ourselves newly single, it might seem strange to choose solitude for a while. But taking time to unpack our emotions, learn more about ourselves, and determine what we truly need in a partner – as well as what we ourselves bring into relationships – are vital steps to creating successful partnerships in the future. 

In This Episode

Mandy and Jennifer discuss some of the most common thoughts and emotions that come with dating, particularly after a divorce or painful breakup. During a candid, heartfelt conversation between the two, Mandy touches on some of the most important reasons why anyone might want to take a hiatus from dating, plus the two dig deep into the process and value of emotional purging. Some highlights: 

About Mandy Hale

Mandy Hale is the creator of The Single Woman social media movement and is a New York Times best-selling author of four books. Thanks to her empowering messages, Mandy is credited with revolutionizing what it means to be a single woman in today’s world. Her messages reach millions of women worldwide each day, ultimately changing lives for the better. You can connect with Mandy on:

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