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By Worthy Staff | Dec 24th, 2019

Considering divorce? Wondering whether you should stay or go? Like so many of us, Kate Anthony has been in your shoes, worrying about whether she was giving up too soon, concerned over potentially losing friends and family, and afraid that divorce would damage her children. 

If you’re in the depths of despair and wondering whether you should leave your marriage or stick with it, this episode is for you. And, if you’ve already made the decision to leave your marriage, you’ll want to listen in for helpful tips and reassurance from Kate, who is the host of the Divorce Survival Guide podcast.

In This Episode

The decision to leave a marriage is never easy: There are a million reasons to stay and a million more reasons to go. In this episode, Kate and Jennifer dig deep, uncovering some common issues that we tend to encounter when deciding whether your marriages are salvageable or if it’s time to leave. 

 Key takeaways include:

About Kate Anthony 

Certified life coach and host of the Divorce Survival Guide podcast Kate Anthony helps women through every stage of divorce, beginning with guidance for answering the question about whether to stay in a marriage or leave. When the choice is made to leave, Kate guides them through the divorce process. 

When women find themselves in the most disempowering of circumstances, Kate works to bring them back to a place of empowerment, helping them find their strength, confidence, and passion once again. She assists with practical matters too, helping women move forward with concrete plans while putting their children at the center (not in the middle) of all decisions. 

In addition to her certification as a life coach, Kate has trained as a relationship coach. She is widely known as an expert in co-parenting, emotional intelligence, and communication.  

Worthy Staff

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