Peak Dating Season and How to Get the Most Out of It With Bela Gandhi

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By Worthy Staff | Dec 10th, 2019

If Bela Gandhi’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s possible you’ve seen or heard her before. A renowned dating relationship expert and frequent guest on the Steve Harvey Show, relationship insider, and regular contributor to the Today Show and Good Morning America. Bela founded her website, Smart Dating Academy, in 2009. She frequently appears on major networks, treating viewers to helpful insight for navigating the world of dating. 

If you’ve started dating or are thinking about it, this episode is for you – whether you’re listening during peak dating season or at another time! Bela founded Smart Dating Academy after spending 25 years matchmaking and working to uncover what works – and what doesn’t work – when dating and creating rewarding relationships.  

In This Episode

Bela speaks with Jennifer about getting in touch with ones’ self, determining what makes you feel happy, and uncovering your innermost desires before jumping straight into dating. As Bela puts it, you’ve got to do the work and this process “teaches people to fish instead of giving them the fish” so they can connect with the right partners. By working to uncover what it is we truly want and need, we unlock greater potential for deep connections, love, and happiness. During the conversation, Bela shares:

About Bela Gandhi

Bela founded Smart Dating Academy in 2009 after a successful career in the corporate world. She knew that she had a knack for matchmaking and when the internet came along, it was the perfect business opportunity. Besides for SDA, Bela is a weekly media correspondant, the in-house dating expert for the Steve Harvey Show, relationship insider for, and regularly appears on shows such as the TODAY Show and Good Morning America.

Worthy Staff

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