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By Worthy Staff | Oct 29th, 2019

Many of us view divorce as an ending, and in many ways, it is. When we end our relationships, we close one chapter of our lives and open another. What does the next chapter hold? The answer is up to us: How we reinvent ourselves determines the paths our lives will take going forward. 

Carolyn Fox offers insight from her own experiences with reinventing herself – not just after a painful divorce, but after career changes that came when she least expected them. After her lifelong career in radio came to an end, Carolyn found herself transitioning several times: First to the financial sector, then into health insurance, and finally into real estate, where she remains today. 

Divorce is almost always painful – and even when things go smoothly, transitions must take place. Releasing the things that don’t serve us, embracing new experiences, and forging new friendships are a few important components of reinventing ourselves when the time comes. After it’s all said and done, very few people are the same people they were when they entered their marriages. Intentionally reshaping our lives can lead to great fulfillment and deep joy.

In This Episode

Carolyn discusses with Jennifer the importance of letting go, determining where we really belong, and deciding what to hold onto and what to keep as we reinvent ourselves. During the conversation, Carolyn shares heartfelt advice for making the best of a painful situation and emerging as the best possible version of yourself. Some key takeaways include:

About Carolyn Fox

Carolyn Fox is a New York City real estate expert who specializes in helping families complete complicated real estate transactions that result from divorce. Candid, practical, and loyal, Carolyn is also described as optimistic, energetic, and tenacious. 

After spending 25 years as a national radio personality who was twice recognized by Billboard Magazine as Radio Personality of the Year, she enjoyed unprecedented ratings and was inducted into the RI Radio Hall of Fame. While taking time out from radio to raise her children, Carolyn built a nationwide health benefits brokerage firm. She went on to reinvent herself again, this time as a successful New York City real estate professional. She and her children are graduates of NYU. 

A lover of dogs, the arts, and her alma mater, Carolyn supports many of her interests including the performing arts, NYU, and canine causes.

Worthy Staff

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