Unmasking Your Potential: Becoming Authentically You with Theresa Lear Levine

Karen McMahon

By Karen McMahon | Mar 5th, 2024

Throughout my 13 years of supporting men and women through the transition of divorce, I can say with certainty that most of us do not always show up as our best selves. The fear and uncertainty, mixed with our wounds of the past and character defects, often leave us presenting as a bit of a hot mess. Once off the ‘battlefield of divorce’, there is an opportunity to heal and take a close look at how we choose to BE in our lives.

Today’s guest is brilliant in this space. She has a podcast titled, Becoming More Me and just published her book with the same title. Theresa’s secret sauce is in guiding you to get out of your own way, shed light on your shadows, and call your power back just as she learned to do. The results of the work she does are delightful, enabling you to cultivate calm, clarity, and confidence in your life and business.

Theresa Lear Levine is an EFT Master Practitioner, Law of Attraction coach, and Energy Strategist. She has created an incredible infrastructure to help you become more you through her website, podcast and new book, all titled Becoming More Me. Theresa helps professional women to get out of their own way and resolve their innermost pains, traumas, and challenges so they can fully enjoy their success and present moments.

You can check out Theresa’s Book, BECOMING MORE ME- Tapping Into Success: Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial Mom, available on Amazon, and also get access to her Amazing Library of Private Tapping Sessions (for FREE!) by visiting theresalearlevine.org

More ways to connect with Theresa Lear Levine:
Website theresalearlevine.com 
The Becoming More Me Community https://www.skool.com/becoming-more-me-community/about 
The Becoming More Me Podcast Becomingmoreme.com 
Instagram @theresalearlevine 

If you are interested in checking out Theresa’s Becoming More Me Signature Program offerings, Book a call with her by visiting gamechangingconversation.com and tell her that Karen McMahon sent you- she’ll hook you up with an extra month of free coaching calls and 1:1 support, valued at over $1k, just for mentioning my name!

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Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon is a High Conflict Divorce Strategist, Certified Divorce Coach and Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce.  She began divorce coaching in 2010 after recognizing that the pain of her divorce led her on a transformational journey into a powerful and unexpected new life. Karen leads a national team of divorce coaches in supporting men and women around the world to become calm, clear and confident as they navigate divorce.  Karen is the host of the acclaimed Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast, and co-author of ‘Stepping out of Chaos: Turning Pain to Possibility”.


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