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By Worthy Staff | Jan 17th, 2024

Worthy’s branded podcast Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle has been a valuable resource for individuals navigating the complexities of divorce for the past five years and we’ve been thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve received from our listeners. As we head into a new year, our podcast is starting a new chapter as we relaunch it under a new name—Wise & Worthy: Thriving After Divorce. And we are also welcoming our new host, Karen McMahon. In this new podcast chapter, we hope that Wise & Worthy will broaden the scope of topics as it continues to be a great resource for our audience.

What to Expect from Wise & Worthy

Wise & Worthy will remain committed to exploring diverse topics related to divorce, providing a reliable resource for those grappling with uncertainties during this transitional period. Whether you’re contemplating divorce, deep in the weeds of a current divorce, or have been divorced for years, our aim is to offer valuable insights from our highly qualified experts. From co-parenting and financial matters to dating and legal issues, our discussions will cover the daily challenges you may encounter, empowering you to make informed decisions. With an array of experts in various fields, we hope to ensure our listeners will have access to a wealth of quality information.

Our New Host 

Karen McMahon joins our team with an abundance of experience as a divorce expert, serving as the Chief Visionary behind Journey Beyond Divorce. Specializing in high-conflict divorce, Karen’s expertise shines brightest when guiding individuals through tumultuous situations. Journey Beyond Divorce is a platform that offers guidance, support, and empowerment to those around the world in search of assistance. Her expertise shines brightest when guiding individuals through the tumultuous storms of high conflict situations, and we are excited for her to bring her warm presence and measured approach to a variety of topics discussed on the podcast. 

We had Karen answer a few questions for you to get to know her a bit better!

Interview With Karen

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a single mom of two amazing emerging adults. I have been divorced for 18 years and
have been coaching for the past 13 years. I grew up in Rockaway Beach, NY and love the ocean and swimming. I have always been physically active, enjoying walking my dogs on the beach (I have a St. Bernard and Boxer/Rotti) I love bike riding, swimming, hiking, reading and cooking. More than anything I love serving those I love. I am a Christian and believe that our main purpose of being here is to heal and refine ourselves until the day we die – transforming into the best person we are able to be. I love to serve my kids, friends, family, church family, as well as coaches on my JBD team and my colleagues in the field. Podcasting has turned into a beautiful way to serve people by helping them share their gifts and talents with my listeners!!

What is your background/experience with divorce?
My parents divorced when I was a teenager. I was adamant that I would never divorce.
Married in my early 30’s I thought I had found my prince charming. After a short lived
‘honeymoon phase’ my marriage began to unravel. By the time my second born was 2 years
old, we had a physical altercation which was a wake up call for me that my life had gone
seriously sideways. I spent the next few years in and out of therapy and marriage counseling,
and finally pulled the trigger to begin a 3 ½ year divorce.

My divorce was the hardest chapter of my life and also held a gift of personal transformation
that I could never have imagined! My divorce was high conflict. We had to hire an attorney for the children and a custody evaluator to assess our psychological well being as parents. Child Protective Services (CPS) got involved a number of times (mostly false accusations), I had to call the police on my husband and requested an order of protection. Finances were a disaster. I was a fully commissioned salesperson and lost 90% of my clients during the divorce. I had friends bringing food to my back door to help feed my kids as their dad was unwilling to help out. It was like ‘Living with the Enemy’. In 2006 I was finally able to move out with the kids. The divorce was still not finalized, but it was the most liberating, exciting new chapter! There were plenty of financial, emotional and co-parenting challenges. However, the freedom of living under a separate roof was immense.

Why are you passionate about helping others?
I have always had the gift of encouragement which led me to Life Coaching and specifically
Divorce Coaching. I became a Life Coach in 2010 and have built Journey Beyond Divorce to a
team of a half dozen coaches from coast to coast. Divorce is the most overwhelming transition any of us face and yet every struggle invites
growth. I am passionate about helping men and women use the pain of their divorce to fuel
healing and personal transformation, and to break generational chains, supporting their kids to
grow into emotionally healthy relationships and marriages.
We get to support people across the English speaking world and invite them to pay what they
learn forward to their children, family and friends.

What made you want to host Wise & Worthy?
Hosting Wise and Worthy provides a new platform to share the powerful opportunities available
for anyone facing divorce. I believe information is power and I love exposing listeners to the
many experts in every area of divorce and our Journey Beyond Divorce tips and strategies that
can help listeners emerge better rather than bitter.

What are you most looking forward to in this new chapter?
Connecting with new listeners, expanding Journey Beyond Divorce’s reach of support and
education and teaming with Worthy whose mission is to be a resource for people post-divorce,
helping them navigate through tough questions and difficult life situations by bringing qualified
professionals directly to them.

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Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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