72 Articles in Diamonds

The World’s Largest Yellow Diamond

The world's largest yellow diamond, AKA the DeBeers diamond, is the biggest yellow diamond ever found. Let's explore this giant sparkler!

May 11th, 2023| by Worthy Staff

How Do Engagement Rings Hold Their Value

How do diamond engagement rings hold their value over time? Click here to read about the factors that come into play when determining value of your ring.

Feb 22nd, 2023| by Worthy Staff

Diamond Terminology Glossary

Learn about diamond terminology and definitions using our extensive diamond glossary. Find out everything about diamonds!

Feb 9th, 2023| by Worthy Staff

The Complete Guide To Diamond Color Grading

You've got questions about diamond color grading and we've got answers in our complete guide to how diamond color is measured and the scale of colors out there.

Jan 17th, 2023| by Hedda Schupak

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