How to Turn Your Struggle Into Profit

struggle to profit
Nicole Amaturo

By Nicole Amaturo | Sep 7th, 2023

When I was going through my divorce, it felt like the worst thing in the world. The gut-wrenching pain that I experienced in the beginning was nothing I would wish on anyone. The days calling out of work to just sit and cry uncontrollably all day felt like pure agony. I never thought it would end. I didn’t know how I could just get over losing my little family that I had created. I worried if my kids would be ok and if I was doing the right thing. I worried about my ex and if he would be ok. I knew deep down this wasn’t where I was meant to be anymore but the fear of letting go was consuming me. I didn’t know where else to turn but to my faith. My faith in knowing that it had no choice but to work out for everyone’s highest good and that we would all be ok. Eventually, I was able to move on.

Shortly after the divorce was finalized, I began dating. I found myself attracting all the wrong guys. I knew I deserved more but couldn’t understand why I was attracting the opposite. Guys that I found myself chasing rather than allowing them to chase me. Guys that were giving me way less than I deserved. I found myself settling for less than mediocre at best. This is when I began to search for answers. Clearly, I was taking me everywhere I went so I needed to understand what was going on deep inside me that would allow me to settle like this. I knew I needed to work on self-love.

The Universe guided me to my spiritual teacher and many other outlets to learn and transform myself. I went back to school for my Master’s in Holistic Health and began taking all sorts of certifications from gurus in the field all around the world. In this journey, I began to truly embody self-love. I began to completely become a whole new me. When I did, the Universe brought me to the love of my life. In this, I knew I had no choice but to share this struggle that I experienced with other women so that I could help them heal, transform, and attract their own dream love.

My struggle led me to my soul’s mission. My life purpose. I now coach women just like me. Women looking to heal and find a better way. Women hopeful to find love despite feeling worn out and exhausted from past love experiences. I use my experiences, my lessons, my master’s, my training, my pain, my struggles, and my results to help guide my clients. I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without what looked like the worst thing in the world: my divorce and my dating struggles after.

My struggle led me to my soul’s mission. My life purpose.

Whatever you struggled with, you went through it for a reason. It wasn’t just by chance. You’re further along in your journey because of it. Your struggle brought you to where you were meant to be. In this, you learned many valuable lessons. You learned who you were prior to it and who it allowed you to become. You can now teach others the same who need what you have. They need to know they’re not alone. They need to know you made it out ok and are now thriving. They need your message.

Ask yourself the 5 questions below in order to turn your struggle into your profit:

1. What is my unique story?

What did you go through that completely and utterly transformed you? Where did you start and where did you end up? In this story, you have a message that the rest of the world needs to hear. You went through this for a reason.

2. What was my struggle?

Your struggle is the same struggle so many others are going through right now as we speak. They need to hear they’re not alone. So many of my clients come to me because they feel I am speaking to them through my own struggles. It enables them to have hope for their happy ending. They need to hear about your pain so they can heal from theirs.

3. What did I learn?

What is your message? From your story and your struggle, you had many lessons that you learned. Without these lessons, you wouldn’t be where you are today. You gained lots of gems along the way. Imagine if Oprah kept her lessons to herself. How would the world be completely different? You have a whole audience out there waiting to hear your message.

4. How did I grow from it?

The transformation is the best part of all of it. You went through your struggle, dealt with a lot of pain, and in this you completely transformed. Who did you become because of it? People want the results that you have. They want to know how you did it so they can do the same. How can you help them achieve it?

5. How can I now help other people to do the same?

Can you start a Facebook group? Write a blog? A book? Create a digital course? How can you get your message out there? Maybe you can start by simply posting on social media. Begin putting it out there to the Universe that you’re ready to share your message and the Universe will deliver and show you how.

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo is a personal growth and love coach who specializes in helping women all around the world heal after divorce and manifest love through self-love.


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