5 Things Getting in the Way of Your Financial Abundance

5 Things Getting In The Way Of Your Financial Abundance
Nicole Amaturo

By Nicole Amaturo | Apr 11th, 2018

If I told you that financial abundance is your birthright, but you are getting in your own way of it, would you believe me? Do you truly think that anyone is better than you and deserves financial wealth more than you? Why would one person have the luxury of all their heart’s desires, while another struggles each month to pay their bills and put a roof over their head? It’s not fair, right? Is it because one person works harder than the other? Or they just got luckier? Or could it possibly be that your thoughts and beliefs are creating your world unconsciously and you have no clue just how powerful you truly are as a creator of your physical reality? I’m here to tell you it’s the latter. Stay with me here and listen to what I have to say.

We are all born equal. We are all magnificent human beings with the capability to create every single one of our heart’s desires. The reason you have a desire is to let you know that it’s something you want and it was meant to be yours. Even when you have what you don’t want, it is a blessing of contrast to show what it is that you do want. If one of your desires is to be wealthy in the form of money, well then you can be damn sure that it is possible no matter where your starting point is right now, but first you have to begin to examine your thoughts.

5 Things Getting in the Way of Your Financial Abundance:

1. Your Focus

What you focus on expands. You continue to create more of it. So start to ask yourSelf what you focus on most. Are you focusing on lack or abundance? I know it’s challenging to focus on abundance when all that is in your physical reality is lack, but this is how you begin to shift your thoughts. You simply begin to become curiously aware. Start to notice if you focus on never having enough. Do you panic everytime you buy something as the cashier is ringing you up? Do you tell everyone how you never have enough and how terrible your situation is? Even if you don’t say it aloud, do you feel it?

Feelings create a vibrational frequency that attract more of that same frequency in your life. If you feel lack all of the time, the Universe will continually match up those feeling of lack with more reasons to feel lack. In order to start focusing on abundance, start being grateful for every penny (yes, literally penny) that you have. Begin noticing the abundance all around you in the trees outside, flowers, ocean, love in your heart, cars on the road, etc. Getting my point? Feel abundant and the Universe will give you more reasons to feel it. Abundance is always around you. Shift your focus to begin noticing it.

2. Your Beliefs

Your beliefs have been formed way before the age of 10. They are formed through what you saw growing up at home, in school, on TV, and all through society. We accept what we believe as our truth and it becomes our story. Growing up you may have heard and received the message that rich people are self-righteous and pompous. You watched your parents struggle to make ends meet, therefore you believe life is a struggle and suddenly find yourself struggling and never having enough. You judge everyone else that is rich. By believing that rich people are self-righteous and pompous, you are inadvertently blocking yourself from financial abundance so that you will never be like them. If you believe you are less than another, you will continually put yourSelf in situations to feel not enough.

Financial wealth is one big way that will allow you to feel not enough. Start becoming aware of what you unconsciously believe. Begin to ask yourself what you saw growing up. What was your family’s money story? Have you adopted it as your own? Or have you gone total opposite to never be like them? If you are not sure, start to look at what you current reality is and this will give you all your clues into what your story is.


3.Your Faith

If you don’t have faith that money always comes, then money will have a hard time reaching you. If you don’t have faith in a higher power guiding you, whether it be God, Universe, your Higher Self, or whomever, you’ll always feel disconnected, fearful, and powerless. If you don’t have faith that your circumstances can change, you’ll continually be in the same ones. Faith allows you to blindly believe things will get better and are getting better as we speak. It allows you to rely on something greater than you to help make something happen. It allows you to believe in miracles. And we know what we believe creates a feeling that dictates what we attract. It gives us hope and hope attracts more reasons to be hopeful. More reasons to be hopeful create excitement. Excitement creates more reasons to be excited. Are you getting my point here? Start by asking the Universe to send you a sign that you are not alone. It can be any sign you’d like. Then, let it go and forget you even asked for it. It will show up unexpectedly and this will begin to restore your faith.

When you are waiting for the right conditions to be happy, you are constantly in a struggle by always comparing where you are to where you want to be.

4.Your Resistance

Waiting to be happy for when you get all that you want creates resistance because you are focusing on what you don’t have yet. Resistance shows up when there is a discord between what you say you want and what you are inadvertently doing to block it. When you are waiting for the right conditions to be happy, you are constantly in a struggle by always comparing where you are to where you want to be. The discord is the focus on the struggle of “not yet”. Then, the Universe will continually give you reasons to feel not yet. The distance between now and not yet will always be highlighted. This will always cause you to feel defeated and worn out. These feelings will keep you at that vibration and allow you to attract more reasons to feel defeated and worn out.

Being happy NOW, no matter what the circumstances are, will allow you to become a vibrational match for more reasons to be HAPPY NOW. Start today by finding things to be happy about in the present moment despite any less-than-ideal circumstances. Begin acting like a kid again and find reasons to laugh and smile. Watch a funny movie, go out with friends, go on a roller coaster, go skating, or eat an ice-cream cone. Find ways feel good NOW.

5. Your Choice

You have free will. This means you can choose to stay in the same position. You can choose to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results, or you can begin changing the things you do. It all starts with a choice. Your current reality is a result of your choices. Now that you are aware and awake, doesn’t it make sense to begin to choose differently? What you know is familiar to you, though. If all you know is to struggle financially, it is human nature to keep yourself there because familiar is safe, even if it stinks. It is going to have to start with a conscious effort and a choice to choose differently in order to create the lasting changes in your life that you wish.

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo

Nicole Amaturo is a personal growth and love coach who specializes in helping women all around the world heal after divorce and manifest love through self-love.


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