15 Reasons to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry After Divorce

15 reasons to sell your ring after divorce
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Apr 27th, 2022

Ready to move forward with your life? One way to get a jump start is to sell your diamond jewelry after divorce proceedings have been finalized. It can be emotionally taxing to even start thinking about parting ways with your rings and other jewelry that you received during your marriage, but once you stop to think about how valuable diamonds are, you may find yourself having a change of heart.

Here are 15 ways that selling your diamond jewelry after divorce can represent a win-win situation.

1. Free yourself from unwanted emotions

How do you feel when you look at your old jewelry? Many people experience mixed emotions; they remember the good times, but more often they recall the sense of angst that they felt during their divorce. Releasing your jewelry can provide much-needed emotional relief.

Mountain View

2. Make room for something you’d rather wear

If you’re like many people, you only have so much room in your jewelry box for favorite items. If you’ve had your eye on something fabulous but have nowhere to put it, perhaps it’s time to make space.

3. Someone else will benefit

Yes, you’ll benefit financially when you sell your diamond jewelry after divorce, but so will someone else. Selling with Worthy puts your diamonds back on the marketplace and gives someone else a chance to love them.

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4. Unwanted jewelry competes for your attention

It’s true! Anything that distracts you from your life’s purpose weighs you down. Just knowing that your old jewelry hasn’t been dealt with can decrease your ability to engage fully in what’s happening right now.

Release unwanted jewelry

5. Reminders of past pain can cause stress

No one needs more stress – especially after the pain of a tough divorce. Just seeing your old jewelry can overload your senses and prevent you from feeling completely happy. Releasing it will lighten your mental load.

6. Getting rid of the old recharges your life

Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondō says: “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” If you’ve ever decluttered your home, you know just how exhilarating it can feel to part ways with things you’re not using. You’ll experience a similar lift when you let your old jewelry go.Sell Your Jewelry

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7. You no longer need the jewelry in your life

Unless you plan to pass along a treasured heirloom that’s been in your family for generations, you don’t need the jewelry. You may still appreciate the style, but you might like another item even more.

Sunset - you don’t need the jewelry

8. You’ll feel more positive

Keeping unwanted mementos can have a powerful, often underestimated, negative effect on us. When you get rid of your old jewelry, you’ll no longer be confronted with this strong visual reminder of the past. You’ll find it is far easier to maintain a positive outlook, and you’ll feel a new, refreshing sense of freedom.

9. Selling old jewelry is a good way to let go of guilty feelings

Imagine carrying a backpack of rocks everywhere you go. Those rocks represent guilt; now think about letting them go. Even if the divorce wasn’t your idea, you may be harboring feelings of guilt and wondering whether there was anything you could have done to change your relationship’s outcome. These feelings are completely normal, but that doesn’t mean that you must continue to expose yourself to them.

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10. You may be improving your physical health by letting go

Releasing negativity and items that you associate with negativity is an excellent way to cut stress and release anger that could be increasing your blood pressure and putting you at higher risk of heart attack. Just like other ways of relieving bottled up emotions, selling your diamond jewelry after divorce may facilitate physical healing.

improving your physical health by letting go

11. Holding onto the past prevents you from truly living in the light of today’s moments

All kinds of past struggles weigh you down and take a toll. They hold you back and prevent you from enjoying all the wonderful things each moment has to offer. Letting go of the past and reminders of life as it was can be very difficult, but releasing thoughts and mementos helps you heal your heart and be more open to joy and happiness. Letting go is a good way to physically remind yourself that you are not defined by your past, and that you are in control of where your life goes from here.

12. Releasing reminders of the past can improve your mental health

Any upsetting situation – especially a major one such as divorce – has a way of setting up real estate in your mind, exacerbating anxiety and pushing your emotions into a downward spiral. Selling your jewelry won’t erase your divorce or factors that contributed to it, but taking action can help you feel far better.

13. Letting go makes you stronger

Releasing reminders of your past struggles isn’t an easy task, as it requires you to mentally get out of your comfort zone. Many people know they want to let go of things including old wedding and engagement rings, but they tell themselves that they’re not ready yet. Embracing change and deciding to let go makes you stronger and will lead to feelings of greater security. You’ll find it far easier to focus on steps toward a better future when you overcome the challenge of letting go.

Letting go makes you stronger

14. Pave the way for a new, healthy relationship

Without jewelry from a past marriage in your safe or armoire, you are likely to feel relieved of some of the negativity that led to your divorce. Unburdening yourself of past “baggage” is one way to open the door to a new, fulfilling romantic partnership and fully embrace the future.

15. Diamonds can be exchanged for money

Diamond jewelry can represent an influx of cash that you can use to clear up an old debt, purchase something you want, or invest toward future needs. Whether you want to take a fun vacation or set money aside for your child’s education, your unwanted diamond jewelry can help you meet those goals.

Meanwhile, selling your diamond can help both you and your ring find a new life. Sometimes, that new life can come in the form of a jewelry redesign. In that instance, you may ultimately decide to keep your ring. But more times than not, people want to let their ring go completely. And when they do, they find that selling their ring helps them rid themselves of the unwanted past and open things up to a bright future.

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