A Guide To Selling Your Jewelry Online

how to Sell your Jewelry Online
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Nov 3rd, 2020

Your personal tastes and needs, in jewelry modify as your lifestyle changes. Maybe you are getting divorced, or remarrying, and the jewelry from that old relationship is no longer appropriate. Perhaps you inherited jewelry that does not fit your personal style, or possibly there is a piece of jewelry in your drawer you have not worn for years, and you’ve decided it is time to let it go to someone who will enjoy it.

Whatever your reason, selling jewelry online is a good way to dispose of that unwanted jewelry — and make some spending cash in the process. However, there are some necessary precautions that must be taken into account before you begin the process.

Where To Sell Jewelry Online

There are numerous websites available from which you can list your jewelry for sale. Probably the most well-known are eBay and eBid. With most of these websites, you are responsible for listing the item, accepting bids and shipping the item after sale. Other websites might assist you in finding viable buyers for your item. Regardless of the services they offer, these websites will all take a commission based on the final sale price.

Carefully browse through the website:

guide selling jewelry online

Determining a price for your jewelry:

Websites such as eBay provide links to other websites where you can determine what is in demand, what people are searching for and what items are selling the best. You can also search through other sites and see what the actual sold prices were on specific items. Remember, the listing price is not usually the actual resale price. Unfortunately, the sentimentality you feel for the jewelry will probably not be a factor in what someone else is willing to pay for that item.

Selling jewelry on a local website:

There are several websites that allow people to sell items locally, such as Craig’s List. This can be a good resource, but there are some additional necessary precautions:

Making a great first (and second) impression:

When using any website for selling jewelry online, the first impression potential buyers will get will usually be from photographs you have included. Their second impression will be the actual jewelry.

Always document the entire process:

This jewelry selling guide will provide more details and helpful information. With a little effort, and attention to the precautions listed above, you should be ready for profitably selling jewelry online.

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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