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By Worthy Staff | Sep 24th, 2019

Divorce is always traumatic. Oftentimes, we overlook the trauma as other things have our attention – but as you’ll learn during our discussion with certified therapist, coach, and author Whitney Boole, it’s vital to focus on navigating our way through the emotional crisis while simultaneously addressing practical matters. Despite the discomfort we feel inside, asking difficult questions and addressing the heart of the matter helps provide the healing we so desperately need. 

It isn’t easy to address tough topics or tackle trauma head-on. Even so, Whitney explains, the process of working through emotional pain can fuel our personal growth and empower us as we face the road ahead.

In This Episode

Whitney and Jennifer discuss the pain that comes when divorce leaves us feeling traumatized, terrified, alone, and overwhelmed. While navigating her own divorce, Whitney wrote her book, You Got This: Healing through Divorce with the goal of helping people overcome the isolation and heal from the pain that accompanies divorce. During the conversation, Whitney and Jennifer cover important issues surrounding the journey through divorce’s trauma including:

About Whitney Boole 

Whitney Boole, MA LMFT is a therapist, coach, and writer with a private practice in Hermosa Beach, California. She provides individual therapy as well as therapy for relationships. Whitney runs a Facebook group for people who are healing through divorce, and believes that pain serves us by fueling growth and ultimately offering empowerment. 

Whitney is a single mother with three kids including ridiculously wild twins. She laughingly explains that they enjoy climbing everything and leaving uncapped markers in their wake. 

You can find Whitney’s book You Got This: Healing through Divorce on Amazon and other places where books are sold. Her new online intensive course includes an exclusive support group and coaching to help people heal through particularly traumatic divorces with difficult or toxic exes. It will soon be available on WhitneyBoole.com

Worthy Staff

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