Top 10 Podcasts for Divorced Women

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By Worthy Staff | May 10th, 2024

We love podcasts. We love them when we’re driving to work, when we’re cleaning the house, or just taking a break from life for a few minutes. Finding a good podcast on a topic you love can be like a slice of your favorite pie added to your day. 

And because we love them so much, we’ve rounded up a list of our 10 favorite podcasts (in addition to our own “Wise & Worthy, Thriving After Divorce”). The list includes podcasts that are as varied and unique as the women listening. Podcasts are a great resource for knowledge, empowerment, and support to all women, whether you are married, divorced, or somewhere in the middle. While some cover the emotional roller coaster of divorce, others tackle practical skills such as money management and co-parenting. 

Even for those of you who are new to the podcast world, any choice from this list is a great place to start tuning in:

  1. Uncut & Uncensored with Caroline Stanbury
  2. The Divorce Podcast
  3. Oprah’s Super Soul 
  4. Divorce & Your Money
  5. Grown Girl Divorce
  6. Journey Beyond Divorce
  7. The Divorce Survival Guide
  8. Divorce Doctor 
  9. Divorced Girl Smiling Podcast 
  10. Wise & Worthy, Thriving After Divorce

1. “Uncut & Uncensored” with Caroline Stanbury

uncut and uncensored podcast art

Formally named “Divorced, Not Dead”, “Uncut & Uncensored” is hosted by Caroline Stanbury, former reality star on Bravo’s “Ladies of London”. Caroline devotes her episodes following her “ever-evolving journey of living her best life after 40!” In her post-divorce life, Caroline is married to a younger man and living in Dubai. Her podcast covers any topic under the sun – think careers, relationships, health, parenting, travel, and personal finances. Each week she is joined by a special guest to share with her listeners how to create the best life for themselves, just like she did.

2. “The Divorce Podcast” with Kate Daly

the divorce podcast art

The Divorce Podcast” comes to us from jolly old England, where host Kate Daly is a relationship counselor and the co-founder of UK legal tech company Amicable. Kate aims to offer her listeners an alternative to the sensationalism surrounding divorce as portrayed in the media. Instead,  she provides a pragmatic and helpful space for anyone navigating divorce. Her topics include finances, co-parenting, legal, as well as personal stories from others going through separations. 

3. Oprah’s “Supersoul”

If you are looking for a podcast that is both deep and spiritual then this one is for you. Oprah’s “Super Soul” takes you on a soulful journey with the leading spiritual thinkers of our time. It gives you that lift you need each week in order to recharge and replenish your depths before continuing on the daily path we call life. While not a divorce podcast, anyone navigating a transition could certainly benefit from the inspiration “Supersoul” provides.

4. “Divorce And Your Money” With Shawn Leamon

divorce and your money podcast art

Shawn Leamon’s “Divorce and Your Money” is a podcast intended for women and men alike, focusing on providing “real-world practical advice” for those going through or planning a divorce. Shawn is an experienced financial advisor as well as a Certified divorce Financial Analyst. Shawn makes sure to cover the basics, such as how does spousal support work, as well as more complex topics like handling gifts and inheritance in divorce.

5. “Grown Girl Divorce Podcast” with Kimberly A. Cook, Esq.

grown girl divorce podcast art

The “Grown Girl Divorce Podcast” is dedicated to educating and empowering black women going through divorce. The host, Kimberly A. Cook, is a divorce attorney and mediator who founded the website that offers support and services geared towards black women going through divorce. Her podcast focuses on many divorce-related topics such as finance, domestic violence, kids, and mental health, as well as featuring personal stories from guests.

6. “Journey Beyond Divorce” with Karen McMahon

jourmey beyond divorce podcast art

Journey Beyond Divorce” is focused on all the opportunities that open up to men and women after divorce. The host, Karen McMahon, experienced her own divorce and found that through the difficulties of divorce, her life improved when she embraced her new life, found healthy freidnships, and her true voice. She created the website to help others through her coaching and shares her experience and advice on her weekly podcast.

7. “The Divorce Survival Guide” With Kate Anthony

divorce survival guide

Certified Divorce Coach Kate Anthony hosts this NYT recommended podcast dedicated to “open and honest conversations about co-parenting, separation, divorce” as well as tackling the questions of whether to stay or go. Each week Kate brings on a expert guest to discuss topics that are sure to come up in divorced life, such as financial wellness, cultivating healthy relationships, and connective parenting.

8. “The Divorce Doctor” with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

the divorce doctor podcast art

If you are going through a divorce and feeling alone, “The Divorce Doctor” is for you. On this podcast, host and clincal psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, speaks to guests who have experienced divorce for themselves to discuss the struggles and successes. Dr. Cohen offers support on her website as well as information on her book, Light on the Other Side of Divorce: Discovering the New You

9. “The Divorced Girl Smiling Podcast” with Jackie Pilossoph

divorced girl smiling podcast art

Looking for a something to boost your spirits? Jackie Pilossoph offers just that with her bi-weekly 30 min podcast “Divorced Girl Smiling”. Each episode is meant to empower and validate listeners as well as introduce and connect with her favorite divorce professionals. Jackie makes sure to tackle the topics we’re all interested, such as sex after divorce, alchoholism and divorce, and the impact of divorce on the body, just to name a few.

10. “Wise & Worthy, Thriving After Divorce” By Worthy

wise & worthy podcast art

Last but not least is our own Worthy podcast, “Wise & Worthy, Thriving After Divorce”, a podcast dedicated to celebrating women like you as you embrace your new beginning with the help of our favorite experts who focus on topics such as dating, parenting, wellness, finance, careers, and more. Our podcast is hosted by Karen McMahon, a divorce and relationship coach who specializes in high-conflict divorce. You can also listen to older podcast episodes under the name “Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle” (in seasons 1-4), where we have a plethora of wonderful, informative guests who share their expertise on everything divorce related and beyond.

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