9 Qualities That Make a Single Mom ‘Wonder Woman’

Stacey Freeman

By Stacey Freeman | Apr 20th, 2021

This article was originally published in June 2017.

When “Wonder Woman” was released almost four years ago, moviegoers flocked to theaters to see the DC comic “Wonder Woman” come to life on the silver screen, and with good reason. The Warner Bros. film embraces all of the grandness one would expect from an epic-style superhero movie, with one stark difference – this superhero is female.

Raised on a mythic island among only Amazonian women, Diana (Gal Gadot), the daughter of Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) is not actually an Amazon herself. As Diana tells us, her mother sculpted her from clay, after which the Greek god Zeus brought her to life. She is different from the others.

Though she lives among only women warriors, Hippolyta is not all that enthusiastic about Diana following her path and resists teaching her daughter how to fight. Understanding Diana’s true destiny, however, Hippolyta’s sister Antiope (Robin Wright) defies those wishes and secretly trains her.

By the time American spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), through a stroke of luck, crash-lands on the island, he meets a Diana who not only can take care of herself but can also protect him and the island’s other inhabitants from the German enemy who follows him there. After learning the enemy is quickly taking over the planet during World War I, Diana leaves with Steve for Europe in search of Ares, the god of war, to save humankind from destruction. To do that, Diana must now call on all that she has learned during her upbringing back home – her upbringing by, yes, you know it, a single mom.

Four years later, this movie, and its sequel “Wonder Woman 1984”, still resonates with female audiences. For those of us going it alone some or all of the time, who are single moms raising kids, taking care of our homes, and growing our careers, Diana embodies many of the qualities that we single moms possess but may not always congratulate ourselves for exemplifying. Trust me when I tell you, every single mom I know including me, is a real-life Wonder Woman. Here’s why.

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1. She’s Honest

If you have ever spent time with a single mom, you know the truth is important to her. Think about it. Have you ever tried lying to a single mom? If you haven’t, I would strongly advise against it. A single mother can spot a lie a mile away. And she has no need for Wonder Woman’s truth-telling rope. All that my (single) mom ever had to do was say, “Look me in the eye,” and immediately I would fess up. Don’t expect a single mom to lie to you, either. She has no time for games.

2. She’s Creative

A single mom thinks outside the box. Whether she’s managing her finances to make them go further, maximizing her time, which there is never enough of, or solving problems (yours and her own), you can always count on a single mom to come up with the most innovative ways to reach her goals. Because she does it so often, not only is she skilled at it, she also gets psychic satisfaction whenever she devises a plan no one else has thought of before. Like a real-life superhero, a single mom is often the one who saves the day, if not the world, and somehow makes it look easy while doing it.


3. She’s Confident

A single mom believes in her abilities. That’s because she knows of what she speaks. Out of necessity, she’s had to learn skills she never thought she’d use. Not long ago, a pipe burst under my kitchen sink and nobody was around to help me. During my marriage, I would have instinctively (and hysterically) called on my husband for his assistance or advice. That’s no longer an option and, better yet, no longer a necessity. Having asked lots of questions over the years, I knew exactly how to shut the water off in my house. I managed that crisis among many others, large and small, that preceded it and followed after. Sing it: “Anything you can do, I can do better…”

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4. She’s Smart

Never underestimate a single mom’s intelligence. She has spent years relearning everything she did in school and more via her children, which makes her two, three, four, or however many times as educated as you initially thought she was. A single mom is a wealth of practical knowledge as well (see number two). Ask her a question. Chances are, she’ll have an answer for you or at least be able to direct you where to look for one strategically.

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5. She’s Independent

Even though there may have once been a time when she was afraid of being on her own, a single mom enjoys her independence. She knows who she is and doesn’t rely on anyone in particular for support. Instead, she becomes a part of a larger network of individuals like herself who can lean on each other if and when they have to. A single mother understands her needs and is not afraid to articulate them. She’s a superhero, not a martyr, and recognizes when to leave a situation that is not allowing her to realize her potential. Goodbye, Themyscira. Hello, London.


6. She’s Physically Strong

Even the tiniest of single moms is strong. Why wouldn’t she be? She’s been lugging around her kids and their stuff for years, carrying groceries, laundry baskets, and whatever else life throws at her – literally. And then there’s my favorite party trick, which is changing the 5-gallon jug of water on the cooler in my kitchen, just like a pro. Step out of my way, guys. I got this.

7. She’s Mentally Strong

However, she came to be a single mom, likely she didn’t have an easy time getting there. That single mom has learned to let a lot roll off her back, and it’s not only beads of sweat. Knock a single mom down, and she’ll get right back up again stronger than she ever was before. A single mom protects her family no matter what the cost. You can depend on her. Even better, she can depend on herself.

8. She’s Feminine

A single mom will never make the right man feel insecure in her presence. Like Wonder Woman, a single mom’s power is tied intrinsically to her femininity but not her reliance on it to get what she wants. She can do that regardless.

9. She’s Sexy

Need I say anything more?

Stacey Freeman

Stacey Freeman

Stacey Freeman is a New York City-based writer, lifestyle editor at Worthy.com, and the founder and managing director of Write On Track.


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