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Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | May 27th, 2018

Worthy, an online auction platform designed to help women sell the jewelry they’ve outgrown in a safe and transparent way, has a fabulous new weekly podcast coming soon to help inspire and support amazing divorced women and single moms in their unique life journeys! We’re passionate about helping women make that transition from Mrs. to Ms., and love watching our community of amazing women thrive through it all, from the hard times to the victories. Divorce is the end of one chapter, but instead of seeing it as a failure, we empower women to carve out the life they’ve always wanted. To rewrite their life stories after divorce.


In fact, our wonderful blog writers and experts have been there and done that— and still are walking that “walk,” just like you are, right this very second! They love sharing their experiences, heartaches, triumphs and wisdom via our blog. So, we decided to grab our favorite and most inspiring experts, writers, lawyers, comedians, financial advisors, and kickass single moms, like Stacey Freeman, Emma Johnson and Laura Lifshitz, to talk with us during a weekly podcast on divorce and other things that we know you can handle.

Come join us each week for our podcast, “Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle”—coming soon! Our host and guests will be chatting about everything that is important to you (and them!) like:

We love inspiring women to feel their absolute best and own and know their true worth, so we’re taking our positivity and spreading that love via podcast. You can subscribe to our podcast below, and listen to our weekly episode easy peasy and hands-free, because hey…we know your life requires you to have more than two hands!

While you’re busy being fabulous and kicking-ass, have a listen…we hope you’ll feel even more inspired!

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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