Can You Tell a Diamond’s Worth by its Picture?

Tell a Diamond’s Worth by its Picture
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Nov 24th, 2016

A few days ago we posted on our Facebook page photos of two different diamond rings that were recently auctioned on our platform. We asked our audience which ring they thought sold for more.

Besides proving that we have quite a savvy audience, we decided to take the quiz results as an opportunity to explore diamonds’ worth (a topic that, well, we love).

Quiz 1

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In the first quiz, we presented a GIA 1.05 CT princess cut solitaire ring (A) and a GIA 1.01 CT round cut solitaire ring (B). Out of 85 answers, 60 people (70%) answered correctly, going for option B.

While ring A had a slightly higher weight in carats and even the same color grading (I) than ring B, the latter outshined it when it came to clarity. The princess cut diamond was graded with SI2 clarity and the round cut stone with VVS1: 5 grades higher on the GIA clarity scale.

The platinum-looking metal (which is actually 14K gold) and the 36 surrounding diamonds in ring A might deceive the eye, but the truth is that clarity was the main factor that moved the needle in this case.

Ring A was sold for $2,079 and B for $3,105.

Quiz 2

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A few days later, we published the second quiz, featuring a GIA 1.01 CT round cut solitaire ring (A) and a GIA 1.39 CT round cut bridal set ring. The percentage of correct answers was even higher this time around: 50 of 60 responses (83%) correctly picked ring A.

Even though diamond B was notably bigger than A, it was also possible to notice with the naked eye that its color grading was lower (something that is usually much harder to spot when it comes to clarity).

In the words of our follower Barry D.: “A has much better color and clarity making it worth more than ring B even though ring B has more total diamond weight and the center stone is lower color & clarity in center stone than ring A”.

Indeed, ring A was graded by GIA with I color and VS1 clarity while ring B was graded M-Z color and VS2 clarity, according to GIA grading scale. This means that the most valuable ring of the contest was one grade higher in clarity, and 4 or more grades higher on the GIA color scale.

Ring A was sold for $3,118 and B for $2,362.

The bottom line is, if it’s diamond’s value we’re talking about, nothing is more important than knowing exactly what you have. Knowing your diamond’s 4C’s (weight in carats, clarity, color, and cut) is the most accurate way to find out how it’s valued by the market, and ultimately get a better price for it.

When you choose Worthy to sell your jewelry, you benefit from a complimentary GIA diamond grading, in addition to up to $100,000 in insurance coverage, access to a worldwide network of professional buyers, and more.

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Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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