Does Your Jewelry Spark Joy?

Konmari Method to Jewelry Box
Kait Schulhof

By Kait Schulhof | Apr 8th, 2022

One reason that jewelry is so much fun is because it is easy to collect! In fact, just about every time I travel I come home with a new piece of jewelry as a souvenir. The only problem with building a sizeable jewelry collection is that if you aren’t diligent about regularly cleaning out and organizing it, your collection can very easily get out of hand. This is where using a simple and effective organizational system like the Konmari Method is important!

What is the Konmari Method?

The Konmari Method is a process of home simplification and organization invented by Marie Kondo, author of the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In her book, Kondo details step by step instructions for how to minimize clutter in every category of the home: clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous), and sentimental items.

Kondo’s decluttering process involves first sorting items by category, then touching every single item within each category and reflecting on whether or not that item “sparks joy.” Simply put, if the item makes you happy, it stays! If the item does not, it goes!

How to determine if your jewelry “sparks joy”

Inspired by the Konmari Method principles, here are five simple steps you can take to organize your jewelry:

  1. Collect all of your jewelry in one place – if you store jewelry in separate areas of your home (e.g., dresser drawers, closet, bathroom) gather it all in a single location.
  2. Sort jewelry by sub-category (e.g., rings, necklaces, bracelets).
  3. Identify any broken pieces and separate them as items to toss or repair.
  4. Touch each remaining item and be honest with yourself about whether or not it truly “sparks joy” – remember, sentimental value is not always synonymous with joy!
  5. Separate out the items that no longer bring you joy and determine if they should be tossed, donated, or sold.

What to do about sentimental items you no longer love

What should you do if you are left with family heirlooms or other items that hold sentimental value but no longer bring you joy?

One of my favorite parts of the Konmari Method is that it is not just about decluttering, it is also about gratitude. For items that no longer add joy or value to your life, Kondo recommends first expressing gratitude to the items for serving their purpose, then letting them go.

Gifted Pieces

Kondo suggests that the joy of a gift exists in the gift-giving moment. So even if an item was a generous or thoughtful gift, the purpose of that item had already been served at the moment when that item was gifted. There is no need to hold onto a gifted item out of guilt!

If you have gifted items in your jewelry collection that no longer bring you joy, thank them for serving their purpose then let them go.


Say thank you then pass them on! Start by asking family members if they would like to take the pieces you no longer want to keep. If there isn’t another family member (or friend) interested in your unwanted heirlooms, then there is no need to feel guilty when donating or selling them.

If your heirloom holds monetary value, consider selling to a consignment shop. For fine jewelry pieces, consider selling on an online auction marketplace like

Display your jewelry in a way that sparks joy

Give the items that remain the storage they deserve! Invest in pretty desktop trays or boxes to store everyday pieces. Store special occasion items carefully in drawers, on hooks, or in hanging pouches.

Invest in the proper tools like a silver polishing cloth or diamond cleaning solution to help you clean and maintain the quality of your jewelry.

With these jewelry sorting and organizational tips, you will be left with a beautiful collection that brings you lots of joy!

Kait Schulhof

Kait Schulhof

Kait Schulhof is the founder of A Clean Bee, a blog focused on ways to live a cleaner life, naturally. Kait is passionate about creating and maintaining a clean home, mind, and body, and shares easy tips and tutorials about how you can do the same.


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