Top 10 Featured Auctions in April 2018

April 2018 Auctions
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | May 3rd, 2018

As we get closer and closer to the warmth and relaxation of the summer, we’re seeing an influx of bold shapes and geometric styles to our online auction house, telling us that people are shaking things up in their jewelry boxes. Shifting from more classic styles, April brought in some extraordinary pieces featuring marquise and princess cut diamonds and some stand out time pieces.

Whether it’s due to change of fashion or circumstance, jewelry doesn’t need to be kept forever. And at Worthy, we love helping our clients get something they really want or need out of the sale of their jewelry, from changing up their look with some new jewels to funding that much needed vacation.

Geometric-inspired jewelry has gone in and out of fashion over the years, characterized by bold, clean shapes that work for women and men alike, as seen in the round cut gold men’s ring below. You can also find geometric patterns on more delicate pieces, such as the exquisite marquise cut pendant pictured that caught our eye.

April’s auctions also saw some non-traditional pieces that we were particularly drawn to, such as the pearl and diamond Tiffany ring and the rose gold Rolex seen below. It’s refreshing to see new materials mixed with classic luxury styles from these iconic brands.

Got something in your jewelry box that you’re looking to repurpose? Take a look through our April auctions to see how much our clients got for their unused items.


  1. GIA 3.63 Ct Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring, sold for $20,398
  2. Round Cut Right Hand Tiffany & Co. Ring, sold for $2,977
  3. GIA 0.97 CT Round Cut Solitaire Ring, sold of $1,840
  4. GIA 1.98 CT Round Cut Loose Diamond, sold for $8,498
  5. GIA 0.83 CT Round Cut Halo Ring, sold for $2,885
  6. GIA 0.7 CT Round Cut Ring, sold for $1,723
  7. GIA 1.17 Ct Round Cut 3 Stone Ring, sold for $2,459
  8. Marquise Cut Pendant Necklace, sold for $1,710
  9. Rolex 1165151 Daytona 6V1L0257, sold for $17,482
  10. GIA 0.97 CT Round Cut Men’s Ring, sold for $2,722

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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