Top 10 Featured Auctions in July 2019

july auctions
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Aug 4th, 2019

Color color everywhere! We had quite the rainbow of items coming into our auctions this past month. From beautiful purple and pink spinels to a dazzling spiral of blue sapphires, our favorite pieces featured the most beautiful hues. Let’s have a look.

Watch Extremes

Some like it flashy and some like it… plain. And nowhere is this more evident than when comparing the two watches we loved this month. The Chopard Happy Diamond Icon watch with multi-colored sapphires (#2) is a flashy dreamboat of a timepiece, and no aspect of the watch is without color, from the magenta leather strap to the purple pearl dial. The black and white Hublot Big-Band (#7), however, is the opposite, with a design favoring the minimalistic and monochromatic.

The Glitz And Glamour of Gemstones

Color has been creeping into our auctions the past few months and reached it’s peak this month, with two beautiful gemstone rings. The three-stone spinel ring (#1) caught our eye, with it’s fabulous pink and purple hues encased in a diamond halo and set in a gold ring. Another spectacular piece the antique sapphire and rose-cut diamond brooch (#10) that features a bold concentric circle design.

Of course, large and colorful pieces don’t fit every lifestyle or fashion style. And if these pieces remind the wearers of a less-than-favorite time, like a bad relationship, all the more reason to get rid of it. If you’ve got your eye on a new piece of ice or simply want some extra cash to have around, sell your jewelry the smart way with Worthy.

july jewelry auctions
  1. GRS 7.28 CT Cushion Mixed-Cut Purplish-Pink Spinel, 3 Stone Halo 18k Rose Gold Ring. Sold For $2,443.
  2. Chopard Happy Diamonds Icons Watch With Multi-Colored Sapphires. Sold For $4,279.
  3. GIA 3.01 Ct Emerald Cut Halo Ring. Sold For $17,600.
  4. Natural Alexandrite 3 Stone Ring. Sold For $304,876.
  5. GIA 5.03 CT Radiant Modified Loose Diamond. Sold For $23,999.
  6. GIA 1.14 Ct Marquise Cut Ring. Sold For $1,455.
  7. Hublot Big-Bang Watch . Sold For $3,976.
  8. 18k Yellow Gold Collar With Cultured Mabe Pearls and Diamonds. Sold For $3,150.
  9. Diamond & Star Sapphire Gold Brooch Pin. Sold For $4,050.
  10. Antique Sapphire & Rose Cut Diamond Brooch. Sold For $1,248.

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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