Top 10 Auctions from November 2022

top 10 auctions november 2022
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Dec 6th, 2022

We hate to sound like a broken record but, can you believe 2022 is coming to an end? Neither can we. We’ve rounded up our favorite piece’s from this year’s penultimate month – get ready for some diamond-heavy pieces and jaw-dropping designs. 

Straight from the Silver Screen

Sometimes we see a piece of jewelry that is just so over-the-top (in all the best ways) that it’s clear it was intended for the movies. And this month there were two. The first is the emerald and diamond bib necklace (#7 below) that was truly meant for Liz Taylor’s role in Cleopatra. The second is the round and baguette cut diamonds featured in the stunning chandelier earrings in #8 below. These would be perfectly placed on the ears of a modern-day royal, millionaire, or Hollywood star. But we can safely say that the money earned from these auctions is clearly going to better use than either of these pieces ever did.

Classic Stunners

As we have already discussed November’s most unique pieces, let’s turn our attention to some more classic jewelry. First up is the emerald-cut solitaire engagement ring (pictured below at #4). This ring features a classic style with a setting that recognizes the size of the diamond (a whopping 2 carats) and doesn’t try to compete. Another style we loved was the diamond and sapphire drop earrings in #1 below – elegant and oh-so-tasteful. 

Timeless designs like these are excellent choices when you’re buying jewelry but even more so when you’re selling it. Classic emerald-cut diamonds or drop earrings can be worn for years and years to come. And demand for items like these has never been better – just look at how many of our buyers were interested in them!

Do you have a piece of jewelry you’re not wearing anymore? Consider how much you could earn and what you could do with that money – start a vacation fund, redo your bathroom, or put it away for a rainy day. The choice is yours! Start selling with Worthy today.

Top 10 Auctions from November 2022

top 10 auctions november 2022
  1. Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings. Sold for $10,107.
  2. 5.08 CT Heart Loose Diamond. Sold for $8,081.
  3. Patek Philippe Twenty-4. Sold for $7,875.
  4. 2.01 CT Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring. Sold for $7,500.
  5. 2.01 CT Round Cut Bridal Set Ring. Sold for $5,680.
  6. 1.22 CT Oval Cut Halo Ring. Sold for $3,011. 
  7. Emerald and Diamond Bib Necklace. Sold for $2,344. 
  8. Round Cut Chandelier Earrings. Sold for $2,121. 
  9. Round Cut Bangle Bracelet. Sold for $1,699.
  10. David Yurman Albion and Diamond Ring Set. Sold for $1,311. 

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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