Exploring Root Causes and Recovery Paths Out of Divorce with Nick Meima

Karen McMahon

By Karen McMahon | May 28th, 2024

With me today is Nick Meima, a trailblazer in online divorce recovery, having launched a transformative 10-week program 12 years ago that’s now global in scope, including Spanish, French, and Chinese-speaking countries. He specializes in individual and couples coaching, focusing on navigating divorce, life challenges, and relationship dynamics. His work empowers individuals to explore pathways of mending, bending, or ending relationships constructively.

Divorce isn’t easy. It’s complex, with tons of moving parts and often impacts much more than just the couple. In this episode, we delve into the complexities that lead to divorce. We’ll discuss how the legacies of past relationships and early coping mechanisms play a significant role in shaping our marital dynamics. This conversation aims to uncover the deep-seated reasons behind marital breakdowns and the emotional storms they unleash.

Together, we will also address the fears and limiting beliefs that emerge through the divorce process, which often hinder recovery and personal growth. By identifying these barriers, we hope to equip you with the insights needed to overcome them. We explore navigating the twists and turns of these challenging times and how to transform these obstacles into opportunities for rebuilding a fulfilling life post-divorce. 

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Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon is a High Conflict Divorce Strategist, Certified Divorce Coach and Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce.  She began divorce coaching in 2010 after recognizing that the pain of her divorce led her on a transformational journey into a powerful and unexpected new life. Karen leads a national team of divorce coaches in supporting men and women around the world to become calm, clear and confident as they navigate divorce.  Karen is the host of the acclaimed Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast, and co-author of ‘Stepping out of Chaos: Turning Pain to Possibility”.


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