Reclaiming Your Sensual and Erotic Self By Letting Go with Lara Eisenberg

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By Worthy Staff | Aug 20th, 2019

We don’t talk about the emotional trauma from divorce as much as we should and as a result, we hold onto this trauma without realizing. Our guest Lara Eisenberg discusses letting go of this trauma through the physical, mental, spiritual and sexual sides of yourself and how all are necessary to fully recover from divorce.

Emotional Trauma

Many women don’t realize that they are struggling with emotional trauma, even if their relationship wasn’t abusive. How can they learn to recognize this in themselves. Since divorce and the trauma often happen very quickly, it can shock the nervous system. The result is feeling emotionally out of control and out of touch, struggling to deal with memories that won’t go away. When women begin new relationships, they can have difficult emotional responses to triggers. There is also a physiological response, such as pain and chronic issues which is a sign that your body is under duress. You don’t live in the present reality but in a response to what happened in the past. Your body holds on to the trauma to protect itself and sending physiological cues when you approach danger. 

Some symptoms include:

Healing And The Importance of Leaning Into Your Body

Getting over divorce and trauma is not a simple, quick thing and you cannot simply deal with each symptom one by one. To truly heal, you need to address the entire problem. Otherwise, you will not be able to move forward. 

To release yourself from trauma, you need to access your sensual, sexual, and erotic self. This is something many women do not recognize and often move themselves away from. 

Sensual, Erotic, and Sexual: Definitions

Reclaiming Your Body After Trauma

With trauma, the mind and body are split, requiring you to reconnect through sensual experiences. By finding and doing things that make you feel good, you start to reclaim your body. Jen notes that

after her divorce, she was completely numb, unable to cry or express emotions. Only when she engaged in her sensual self, doing things that felt good, could she finally cry. Once you move out of the emotional freeze, touch and movement can help you heal

How to reclaim your sexual and erotic self: 

About Lara

Lara is a licensed therapist and is focused on spiritual psychology and somatic therapy. She is also an embodiment and empowerment coach. A strong advocate for females and fully devoted to anything spiritual, Lara is passionate about restoring the mind-body-spirit connection. As often happens, her work is a culmination of all her life experiences wherein she experienced abuse, violence, and instability growing up which led her to a journey of exploration of how women relate to the world. She realized how much the trauma in her life affected her connection to her body and spirit and sought to change that, arriving at a place of peace with herself as a result of the tremendous journey she took on.

Click here to download her PDF “My Body, My Heart, My Desire: Tips to Reclaim Your Feminine Essence and Soul’s Desire” for free, and here to learn more and/or apply for her course, “The Empowered & Awakened Female”.

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