Nurturing the Soul: Self-Love Practices for Divorce Healing With Sanaiyah Gurnamal

Karen McMahon

By Karen McMahon | Apr 30th, 2024

Divorce challenges us deeply, shaking the very foundations of who we are. Yet, it also presents a unique opportunity for profound self-discovery and growth through self-love. Embracing self-compassion allows us to navigate the grieving process with kindness, acknowledging our pain while also recognizing our inner strength and worth. This journey of self-love not only facilitates healing but empowers us to rebuild a life filled with joy and fulfillment beyond the shadows of our past relationship.

As we learn to nurture our own souls with love and understanding, we set the stage for a transformative healing process. Self-love teaches us to forgive, to let go of guilt, and to move forward with grace. It involves cultivating practices that support our well-being, setting healthy boundaries, and celebrating our progress. This path leads us out of the depths of post-divorce despair into a bright future where we are not just surviving, but thriving, fully open to the new possibilities that life has to offer.

With me today is Sanaiyah Gurnamal. She is a theta healing master practitioner, and certified Mind Valley Coach and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Sanaiyah believes that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself, becoming the blueprint for how others will love you.  She is on a mission to empower women to activate the power of self-love and create a love-centered life.

Sanaiyah is the visionary behind the Magnetize System, a three-step process for releasing the past, accepting the present, and creating the future you desire.  Dedicated to helping individuals find their happily ever after, Sanaiyah is the host of Project Loving Myself, a Spotify Top 50 and #1 Trending Podcast in her region, featuring A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, and well-being experts.

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Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon is a High Conflict Divorce Strategist, Certified Divorce Coach and Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce.  She began divorce coaching in 2010 after recognizing that the pain of her divorce led her on a transformational journey into a powerful and unexpected new life. Karen leads a national team of divorce coaches in supporting men and women around the world to become calm, clear and confident as they navigate divorce.  Karen is the host of the acclaimed Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast, and co-author of ‘Stepping out of Chaos: Turning Pain to Possibility”.


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