Divorce and Personality Disorders by Lisa Zeiderman

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By Worthy Staff | Dec 3rd, 2019

What happens when personality disorders and mental health problems go hand in hand with divorce? Prominent New York divorce attorney and certified divorce financial analyst Lisa Zeiderman is here to help you navigate the complications that can occur when divorce and personality disorders collide. 

We’d also like to take a moment to recognize Lisa as a guiding light, demonstrating to divorcing women that it’s never too late to move forward and realize your dreams. After her divorce, in her 40s, did she finally complete her education and work her way toward a career that satisfied her desire to help others who face complex challenges during their own divorces. 

In This Episode

Jennifer and Lisa discuss the complications that can occur when divorcing someone who has a personality disorder. Often highly conflictual, these cases can quickly get out of control without proper handling, particularly when children are involved and custody is an issue. During the conversation, Lisa touches on some very difficult topics and provides helpful advice for working through the process, including:

About Lisa Zeiderman 

Lisa Zeiderman became an attorney and certified divorce financial analyst after her own divorce. Today, she is a Managing Partner who focuses her New York law practice solely in Matrimonial and Family Law. Ms. Zeiderman is a graduate of Fordham University of Law, and is on the Attorney for Children panel. In addition, she specializes in cases that involve mental health issues and mental health disorders. Ms. Zeiderman has lectured for the New York State Bar Association and other professional entities. She has been widely published, and she authors a blog for Psychology Today Magazine online. Currently, Ms. Zeiderman sits on the Advisory Board of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators, is a member of the Legislative Committee of the Family Law Section for the New York State Bar Association and sits on the executive board of the Justice Brandeis Law Society. She is also a member of the New York State Bar Association, the New York Women’s Bar Association, and the Westchester Bar Association.

Ms. Zeiderman also serves on the Executive Board of Savvy Ladies, Inc., a 501(c) 3 organization that provides free education and resources to help women achieve their financial independence.

Ms. Zeiderman, once divorced, is remarried and has a 26-year-old daughter You can learn more about Lisa Zeiderman at her website.

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