Putting Your Kids First In Divorce with Elise Buie

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Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Feb 22nd, 2022

In the long and emotional process of divorce, it’s often difficult to keep what really matters in focus – your kids. Elise Buie joins the podcast to discuss how to focus on your kids during divorce, what that means, and how we can support them.

Wherever you are in your divorce process and no matter how old or young your kids are, Elise’s honest approach to parenting through divorce and after can help you. 

Elise is an attorney based in Seattle where she moved after leaving New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Elise has been through her own divorce with children and now works with divorcing couples with a collaborative philosophy. She is also a huge fan of the writer Eve Rodsky, whose books she mentions throughout her discussion with Mandy.

In This Episode

Our main takeaways from Mandy’s discussion with Elise on staying focused on the kids during divorce are: 

Eve Rodsky’s Books

About Elise

Seattle-based attorney Elise Buie, Esq, is a passionate, creative, problem-solving family law attorney who creates solutions, not obstacles. After evacuating her hometown of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and surviving a divorce, Elise landed in Seattle and founded her law firm. Elise’s practice involves all aspects of family law, guided by a collaborative philosophy and her deep understanding of complex parenting issues. Elise opened her firm during a period of personal adversity. Now in a period of global diversity, Elise’s firm has experienced its most significant growth yet, which she attributes primarily to her driving force and mantra: “I can do it.” You can find Elise on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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