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By Worthy Staff | Aug 1st, 2018

Our new Facebook Group, Worthy Women & Divorce, lets us bring you even more of what we think you deserve. It didn’t take long for Worthy to evolve into a community that provides more than a safe, savvy solution for selling diamond jewelry.

The service that we are so proud of, provides women with a trustworthy and secure way to sell their jewelry with more knowledge, control and opportunity to get more. Along the way, our clients became our best teachers in helping us understand the challenges of divorce and the support they really need.

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Trustworthiness is something that is hard to find when going through a divorce, and we always look to set the bar higher.

That’s why our team of diamond experts is led by one of the most respected gemologists whose reputation helps you get competitive bids. It’s also why we have a blog full of uplifting articles from amazing female writers who have been through it too, sharing stories and experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s why we cover the cost of shipping and insurance for your item. It’s also why we have a podcast where we counter the stigma of divorce with our favorite divorced moms, professionals and the voices you let us know you want to hear from on your divorce journey.

It’s why we pay for your item to be graded to build confidence with the buyers bidding on your item when your auction goes life. It’s also why we founded the Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship in 2016.

It’s why we use state of the art equipment to create beautiful images and 360-video of your items to bring out their sparkle. It’s also why we create promotions, like the Kickass Single Mom Campaign, that empower and uplift you while giving you chance to win major prizes.

It’s why we let you set the minimum on your item before we put it up for auction so you only sell at a price you’re comfortable with. It’s also why we created “Fresh Start Fitness” a free 5-step program that uses meditation, exercise and an eating guide to help you heal and thrive after divorce.

It’s why our fee structure was designed so that using Worthy is free unless we get you a deal you’re happy with. It’s also why we conducted a major survey, Building a Financial Fresh Start, that helped us, and Forbes, understand the financial challenges women are facing during and after divorce.

It’s why we’ve opened our office so that women in the New York area can come in and see the good people who answer our phones, clean your items and the safe facilities where all of the magic happens. It’s also why we created an Instagram account that fills your feed with inspiration, which is barreling toward 20,000 followers. You tag each other, you repost what you love, you tag us to let us know what’s going on with you, and together we have created a community.

And now we’re building this community a home.

Our new Facebook Group, Worthy Women & Divorce, will let us bring you even more of what we think you deserve. There’s a stigma about divorce and single moms, and we are dedicated to changing the conversation to celebrate the perseverance, hustle, and strength we see from women like you every day!

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Enjoy exclusive content and sweepstakes, get advice from divorce professionals, local solutions, weekly threads and help others learn from your own experience and expertise.

You and your story matter! We’re here to build you up, connect you with women facing the same challenges you are, and help you leap into the bright future you deserve.

Worthy is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to build the life you’ve always wanted, and this group is one more way we are showing our commitment to empowering you through your divorce journey.

Join us, and other Worthy Women like you, here.

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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