29 Articles in Inheritance

Selling My Antique Jewelry

Worthy client stories: Selling antique jewelry for more with ease. Read Gil's Worthy auction review from selling his inherited jewelry.

Oct 24th, 2022| by Worthy Staff

Tips for Liquidating an Estate

Finance journalist Marla Brill writes on the important steps that come after losing a loved one. Specifically, how to identify value and sell estate assets.

Aug 11th, 2020| by Marla Brill

What is a Trust and Do I Need One?

In this article author and legal assistant, Veronica Baxter explains different types of trusts as well as responsibilities that come with being a trustee.

Mar 19th, 2020| by Veronica Baxter

Laws of Intestate Succession

Discover how assets are distributed when someone passes away without a will, as there are certain laws each state has.

Feb 27th, 2020| by Elizabeth Weiss

All About Inheritance in Pennsylvania

How does inheritance law work in Pennsylvania? Let's review what inheritors can expect to receive, how intestate success works, and everything else regarding inheritance.

Feb 10th, 2020| by Elizabeth Weiss

Understanding A POD Account

What is a POD account? What does it do and why do you need it? Veronica Baxter on understanding this time of inherited bank account & what it means for you.

Jan 12th, 2020| by Veronica Baxter

Estate Inheritance Process

The inheritance process can be tricky to naviagte. Read a complete guide on how to deal with its legal aspects.

Jan 1st, 2020| by Elizabeth Weiss

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