Worthy’s September Hot List: Primetime Emmy Awards, Miss America & More

Ruth Lakin

By Ruth Lakin | Aug 26th, 2018

You can always count on Worthy to sort through the swamp of pop-culture and pick out the shows, books and movies that will appeal most to a woman on her divorce journey. September is a time when the hot summer sun transitions into the familiarity of fall. Before your pharmacy aisles get filled with holiday decor, take some time to enjoy what the month has in store for a Worthy woman like you.

The 2019 Miss America Pageant

We may not be big fans of some of the organization’s recent scandals (Sam Haskell sending gross emails anyone?), but we are so excited to see what the new, all-female, Board of Trustees has in store for us with Miss America 2.0 airing September 9th! Gretchen Carlson, the new chair of the Board of Trustees, has been talking about major changes in the organization and the way the pageant will happen. With a focus on inclusivity and talent, we’re hoping Miss America gets the fresh start it’s hoping for. We know they’re getting pushback for some of these changes, so we will be watching to help celebrate the advancement of strong women on our TVs! We’re also keeping our fingers crossed that Jessica Shultis, Miss Nebraska, will make it far enough that we can see her original monologue.

Little Women

On September 28th the March sisters will become dear friends to a new generation of young women with the release of Little Women. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Louisa May Alcott’s masterpiece this new movie will breathe modern life into this timeless story. It’s a great film to take your daughter to and share warm feelings about the power of family and female relationships. Sarah Davenport is said to shine as Jo!

70th Primetime Emmy Awards

On September 17th, Colin Jost and Michael Che will host the Emmys the show’s 70th anniversary. Some of the best representations of divorce and single moms we saw on TV in the last year are nominated for awards. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Mom, and Black-ish because of the way they shared narratives of single moms and divorce in their past seasons. The night promises to be full of celebrating what makes women great as some of our favorite shows will be featured for their greatness, and you know we’ll be smiling ear to ear with our takeout as we marvel at all the important female narratives being featured on the best of TV this past year.

Photo courtesy: Amazon Prime Video
Photo courtesy: Amazon Prime Video

Best Books to Read During Divorce

Last month we opened our new Facebook group “Worthy Women & Divorce.” One of the best thing going on there is the group support. One member asked for recommendations, and a wave of Worthy Women hit her with their favorite divorce books. Here are your top recommendations:

Got something hot you think we should be talking about? Join Worthy Women & Divorce to let us know!

Ruth Lakin

Ruth Lakin

Ruth Lakin is the arts and culture editor for the Worthy blog. Her love of books, TV, and movies has given her a passion for anything and everything pop culture.


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