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Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Jun 4th, 2018

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” -Coco Chanel

Much like the rest of the online world, the big thing on our minds this past month was the Royal Wedding. The newly minted Duchess of Sussex has a very keen sense of style, especially when it comes to jewelry, favoring beautiful, minimalist pieces. When looking through our auctions from last month, we were inspired by Meghan’s style and picked out a few simple yet superb minimalist pieces as our favorites. These pieces are elegance at its finest and can be a great choice to put up for auction for sellers looking to upgrade their jewelry box or use the money for another worthy purpose.

While it is easy to be distracted by pave, wild cuts and halos, sometimes the best jewelry is simple and minimal. Solitaire rings in cuts like round, princess and emerald (like those pictured below) allow the diamond itself to do the talking. And for those looking to sell, these are cuts that don’t go out of style and therefore have high market demand.

Any stylist or fashionista will tell you that sometimes basic is best and that is especially true for diamond studs. Earrings like the round cut studs featured below come in all types and sizes. Even if the studs you have now don’t exactly fit your taste, selling and using the money to upgrade to a bigger or different version will certainly be a savvy deal. And speaking of basic and beautiful, the same goes for watches. Notable brands like Patek Philippe and Harry Winston (both featured below) make classic watches that are always popular, whether you are looking to sell something old or buy something new. We personally can’t stop ogling the Harry Winston diamond watch, one of our favorite time pieces from last month.

Whether you have an old piece of jewelry that’s gone out of style or something that brings up bad memories, you deserve the ice that fits you now – minimalist or maximalist, it’s up to you!

Browse our 10 most minimalist elegant items that sold at auction in May…

10FeaturedAuctions_may_blog (1)

  1. Patek Philippe 977135 1450, sold for $2,800.

  2. GIA 1.07 CT Princess cut solitaire ring, sold for $2,974.

  3. GIA 1.6 CT Round cut loose diamond, sold for $5,688.

  4. GIA 1.45 CT Round cut Tiffany & Co. pendant, sold for $13,888.

  5. GIA 2.06 CT Emerald cut solitaire ring, sold for $11,285.

  6. GIA 1.55 CT Round cut stud earrings, sold for $10,032.

  7. GIA 1.51 CT Oval cut halo ring, sold for $5,583.

  8. Round cut tennis bracelet, sold for $2,872.

  9. Harry Winston 200- MASR 37W, sold for $12,173.

  10. GIA 1.51 CT Marquise cut loose diamond, sold for $2,633.

It was all about minimalist elegance in our May auctions and there were some truly gorgeous pieces. Take a peek to see our favorites from our May auctions.

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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