What Does Your Retirement Wardrobe Look Like?

retirement wardrobe
Meri Frischman

By Meri Frischman | May 26th, 2019

At retirement your lifestyle will automatically transform; and fortunately, today there are many directions from which you can choose. This will help determine what your closet looks like. Leaving the business attire behind, there are many wardrobe options still open to you; and remember: we all still want to look fabulous!

Whichever twists and turns your life takes, keep this in mind; style reflects the woman so dress to express who you are. Choose what feels right to you from your gut instinct. It’s your choice. If you want to have fun with clothes go for it! If you want to be flirty with clothes, do so. This is your time to break through. So be you!

Dress For Your Lifestyle Today

The way you dressed for work is most likely not the way you would want to dress at this stage of life. You’ll probably want to switch some of your formal work wear to something more casual; although not necessarily less stylish.

Firstly, determine what your days look like now.

Do you head to the gym? Wear athletic wear; such as, leggings and a tank with a long sweater or shirt.

Love everything about this. Casual street wear with a touch of edgy! Just my style..the fab sweater, the cool sneaks, the belt bag which can be worn as a cross body bag as well. @banso73

264 Likes, 30 Comments – Meri Frischman (@the.pro.age.woman) on Instagram: “Love everything about this. Casual street wear with a touch of edgy! Just my style..the fab…”

Do you lunch with the girls? Wear jeans and a tee or continue with the leggings and thigh-length top. This will always be casually chic.

Do you play a sport? Do you live in warmer weather now that you’re retired? Dress according to the sport and your style: but, don’t forget that jacket for the cold restaurant air conditioning!

Do you do any volunteering and where? If so, you may be able to utilize some of your office wear.

The answers to these questions will help determine your wardrobe.

Make Things Simple

I find that the older I get the less I want to think about what I’m wearing daily and I definitely don’t want to be changing outfits throughout the day. If this sounds like you, start the day with a basic legging or pant as well as a basic top. Bring accessories to throw on determined by that day’s particular schedule. For example, if your first activity is working out, wear your gym clothes, throw a blazer or sweater in your bag for lunch. If dinner is on the schedule, carry a pair of flats or boots to throw on. I’d much prefer to take these along with me rather than to change throughout the day; or, if you’d prefer, you can stop home for a minute to switch your accessories.

This just confirms that an accessory can really make the outfit.. especially an animal print with a neutral color pant and top!! Try it and let me know your thoughts.. @banso73

972 Likes, 116 Comments – Meri Frischman (@the.pro.age.woman) on Instagram: “This just confirms that an accessory can really make the outfit.. especially an animal print with a…”

Remember, you can also mix and match your outfits. You can wear a men’s tailored shirt, that you already have from your business days, with a pair of jeans or leggings. That’s a very chic look. Or, you can wear a pair of office slacks with a tank or tee so that you can change the look to a more casual street style.

Fabric Counts

Choose the fabrics that hold up and fit well. If you’re dressing casually or going for sophistication, the type of fabric always makes a difference. When you feel comfortable it will show. When you feel good in the skin (fabric) you’re in, you’ll exude confidence.

Take Risks. It’s Ok To Be Trendy

Know yourself and who you are at this point in life.

I know some experts say don’t go for the fashion trends. I disagree. Go for the ones that appeal to you. You can always tweak them to your taste. For example, I still wear cuts in my jeans; but, they’re little slits not big holes. Then, I pair it with a more conservative top or blazer. When I wear leggings, I use a longer tank or shirt to cover body areas that I don’t want to stick out. There’s always a way to tweak trends to suit you.

Suit Up

I’m actually very into the monochromatic look these days. It’s a very sophisticated style and works on every body shape. So for this, blend the top with the bottom as close in color as possible. Also, white mixed with neutral accessories is fabulous. For example, a white jean and white shirt or blazer with a neutral bag and shoe always works.

Still loving the neutrals and white. Such a clean chic look.. so Pro-Age Style @zara__europe

903 Likes, 89 Comments – Meri Frischman (@the.pro.age.woman) on Instagram: “Still loving the neutrals and white. Such a clean chic look.. so Pro-Age Style @zara__europe”

Go Crazy Within Limits

Have a little fun with fashion; but, don’t purchase anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything. It will just sit in your closet. Many older fashionistas are wearing large statement necklaces and bracelets to add some pizzazz to their simply chic outfit. It adds a little fun edgy touch that expresses their personality. Try it and enjoy!

Meri Frischman

Meri Frischman

Meri Frischman is the creator of the lifestyle brand @the.pro.age.woman where she provides style advice and inspiration to fabulous, formidable Pro-Age Women.


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