Mortgages and Refinancing in Divorce with Jody Bruns

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Mandy Walker

By Mandy Walker | Jan 10th, 2023

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of mortgages and refinancing in divorce – not the juiciest of topics but certainly useful! Many parts of the country have experienced rapidly increasing house prices which makes some people feel that there’s no way for them to move out of their marital home and stay in the same neighborhood where their kids go to school. Couple this with the current mortgage interest market with rates of about 5% for a 30-year fixed, practically double what you might have got 12 months ago and my sense is that many people are feeling stuck with no good options.

Jody Bruns joins us this week to help us unpack all of this. Jody is the President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Association and the Certified Divorce Lending Professional certification program.  

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About Jody

Jody Bruns is the President and Founder of the Divorce Lending Association and is credited with establishing industry certification programs for both real estate and mortgage professionals working with divorcing clients. Jody takes her knowledge further as an approved continuing education provider for multiple state bar associations and financial planning boards educating attorneys, financial planners, and other divorce professionals on the underlying concerns when divorce and real estate meet head-on. She is the author of the book A House Divided: The Clash between Divorce, Real Estate and Mortgage Financing.

Mandy Walker

Mandy Walker

Mandy Walker is a divorce mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® based in Boulder, Colorado. She works with individuals and couples helping them to end their relationships with dignity and respect, creating an understanding of the process and their options so they can feel confident in the decisions they’re making.


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