Top 10 Auctions from January 2023

top auctions jan 23
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Feb 2nd, 2023

We’re a month into 2023 and we hope your new year is off to a great start! Our auctions certainly were. Last month we saw a host of glam, high-value items that we are very excited about as well as a few of those classic items we see each month that always make our sellers smile. So without further ado, here are our favorite items that sold in January 2023. 

The Big Cats

Looking through our auctions from last month, you’ll notice an extra special piece – the Cartier white gold panther necklace (#1 below). There is so much history behind Cartier’s La Panthere motif, which the Maison has been using since 1914. That was the year Jeanne Toussaint joined as jewelry director and the panther was a favorite of hers. Over the century of design, La Panthere pieces have been bought and sold by some of the biggest celebrities, including the Duchess of Windsor, for millions of dollars. So let’s just say that selling the diamond, emerald, and onyx icon is a big check on Worthy’s auction bucket list. 

Another familiar feline we saw sold in January was the diamond and ruby gold bangle featuring two lion heads at either end (#8 below). Now obviously we can’t all have a Cartier icon tucked away in our jewelry box but this bracelet is certainly something! And we’re betting that with the simple and clean jewelry aesthetic popular today, this bracelet’s seller is going to be happy with what they earned. 

Classic vs. Ultra Modern

When it comes to watches, the brand comes first and the design comes second. Watches from brands like Patek Philippe are known to hold their value during resale since the brand has such a legacy. Last month we saw a classic Patek Philippe Calatrava (#6) sell for a great price. But enter the bigger, bolder, and more modern Hublot Orlinski (#4) watch and we were truly wowed watching the bids roll in.

Whether you are looking to sell something old or new, classic or modern, when it comes to fine jewelry and luxury watches, the market is always busy. And by choosing Worthy as your selling partner, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal for your jewelry. Start selling today!

Top 10 Auctions from January 2023

top auctions jan 2023
  1. Cartier Diamond, Emerald, and Onyx Panther Pendant Necklace. Sold for $111,112
  2. 2.51 CT Radiant-Cut Loose Diamond. Sold for $11,016
  3. GIA 3.53 CT Pear Cut Solitaire Ring. Sold for $8,010.
  4. Hublot Orlinksi Watch. Sold for $7,600.
  5. 1.70 ct. Emerald Cut Bridal Set Ring. Sold for $5,641.
  6. Patek Philippe Calatrava Watch. Sold for $4,424.
  7. 2.22 CT Emerald Cut 3-Stone Ring. Sold for $3,672.
  8. Diamond & Ruby Gold Lion Bangle Bracelet. Sold for $3,473.
  9. GIA 1 CT Princess Cut Diamond Earrings. Sold for $3,252.
  10. Pearl and Diamond Pave Drop Earrings. Sold for $1,600.

Worthy Staff

Worthy Staff

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