Worthy’s Top 10 Jewelry Auctions from March 2023

Jewelry from Worthy's March 2023 top jewelry auctions
Worthy Staff

By Worthy Staff | Apr 5th, 2023

The month was March, 2023, and the hits just kept on coming. And by “hits” we mean amazing jewelry deals for Worthy’s sellers.

Last month, our March 2023 top jewelry auctions included a diamond engagement ring over 4 carats, Tudor and Rolex watches, a pear cut pendant necklace, and a whole lot more. This is some beautiful jewelry,

Without further or much ado – our top jewelry auctions from March 2023 are here:

Worthy’s Top Jewelry Auctions of March 2023

1) 2.72 Carat Round Cut Bridal Set Diamond Ring – Sold for $14,805

This 18k gold custom made bridal set ring has a striking round shape diamond weighing 2.72 carats, a color grade of H (near colorless), and a clarity grade of SI1 (slightly included). The center stone is a natural round diamond with good cut and polish.

With 146 interested buyers and an average bid of $10,382, this beautiful engagement ring sold for a final auction price of $14,805. Not too shabby.

2) Women’s Rolex 178341 Watch – $7,335

A magnetic steel gold stunner of a women’s Rolex 178341 watch, this Rollie features complication and automatic movement. In good condition, this Rolex came in its original box and is a women’s size 31 with a sapphire crystal.

The Rolex watch attracted 305 interested buyers averaging $4,995 per bid. But the final bid was an attractive $7,335. Nice job, goodly Rolex!

3) 2.56 Carat Round Cut Solitaire Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring – $25,046

This stunning gem of a ring is a 2.56 carat round cut solitaire Tiffany & Co. engagement ring attracted 270 interested bidders averaging a bid of $13,266. The final sale price was $25,046.

Various jewelry from Worthy's top auctions March 2023.
Pieces from Worthy’s March 2023 jewelry auctions.

4) 3.52 Carat Pear Cut Pendant Necklace – $7,163

Made from 14k custom gold, this gorgeous 3.52 carat pear cut pendant necklace has a pear shaped, natural diamond with an F color grade (colorless) and a clarity grade of I1 (included). All of the surrounding natural diamonds are genuine and have a total carat weight of 1.10 carats.

This sweet piece attracted 236 interested jewelry buyers with an average bid coming in at $4,290. The final juicy deal price was set at $7,163.

5) 4.58 Carat Radiant Cut 3 Stone Ring – $30,750

This 4.58 carat radiant cut 2 stone ring is custom made and boasts platinum metal. The stone has a color grade of I (near colorless) and a clarity rating of SI1 (slightly included). Also, the surrounding natural diamonds have a total carat weight of 1.74 carats.

This special ring attracted 251 interested buyers with an average bid of $20,483. But the final bid for $30,750 went to only one joyful jewelry buyer.

More pieces from Worthy’s top jewelry auctions of 2023.

6) 8.10 Carat Weight Cut Tennis Bracelet – $12,000

Anyone for tennis? This piece is an 8.10 carat weight cut tennis bracelet, with a custom-made platinum link bracelet. It includes 45 natural stones baguette shaped with a color grade of F-G (colorless – near-colorless) and a clarity grade of VS1 – VS2 (very slightly included).

This stylish bracelet attracted 206 interested buyers with an average bid of $5,8212. The winning bid was 2x that amount, with an even-steven $12,000 offer.

7) Tudor 79018 Men’s Watch – $9,993

This stately men’s watch is a Tudor 79018 with a yellow gold case, and a leather band. This piece is in excellent condition with both original box and papers. The metal is 18k gold and it includes a crystal sapphire.

237 buyers bid on this piece, with an average bid of $8,918. But in a close finish, the final bid edged out the rest at a deal price of $9,993. A majestic find for the lucky buyer and a great deal for the happy seller.

8) 1.50 ct. Round Cut Solitaire Ring – $7,000

$7,000 is the final bid for this 1.50 carat round cut solitaire diamond ring with a 14k gold custom band. It features a center stone with a color grade of G (near colorless) and a clarity grade of VS2 (very slightly included).

The auction attracted 135 interested bidders with an average bid of $6,473 before reaching the final sale price of $7k.

Rounding out the top ten Worthy jewelry auction pieces from March 2023.

9. 3.03 Carat Weight Diamond Stud Earrings – $8,000

Check out this pair of diamond stud earrings with a total carat weight of 3.03. They feature 14 carat gold metal, with natural round stones. The diamonds have a color grade of I and a SI2 clarity grade. Plus, they boast an excellent symmetry grade from the GIA.

This diamond pair attracted 176 interested buyers bidding an average of $6,105. The final deal was a winning bid of $8,000.

11.22 Carat Weight Blue Sapphire Drop Earrings  – $15,000

A happy seller received a cool $15,000 back for these11.22 carat blue sapphire drop earrings carats. The center stones are Old European Style. With good polish and good symmetry, it’s no wonder they racked up an average bid of $13,116.

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If you currently have jewelry to sell, who knows? Perhaps it will make Worthy’s Top Ten Jewelry Auctions for April 2023. Click below to submit your jewelry and  get the process started now.

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